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Pipstackers Scalper


Pipstackers Scalper is a scalping Expert Advisor which scalps in market with target of 10 pips working on M15 timeframe with 4 currency pairs as EURUSD - USDJPY, GBPUSD-USDCAD on 15 minutes timeframe.

Strategy Details

  1. It finds trend on chart/timeframe it is loaded on using RSI indicator.
  2. It places a trade with entered lot in trend direction with target/Take Profit of 10 pips, where as Stop Loss is hidden and collective for a given pair which EA monitors continuously. Stop Loss is made hidden to protect strategy from stop hunts.
  3. If Take Profit hits great it opens a new trade on next candle with current available trend. If Take Profit is not hit and market goes opposite it waits till opposite trend ends. Then it adds a trade with a higher lot multiplied by 1.3 in previous trade direction and adjusts Take Profit of both trades in between both entry prices, repeating this 4 times till the time Take Profit is easily hit.
  4. As Pipstackers Scalper works with multiple pairs its provides opposite pairs with hedging capability, which helps it to reduce risk to minimum.


  1. Lot = 1 (user defined).

Pipstackers Scalper only has 1 input parameter—Lot. Other parameters have been optimized for best results with M15 timeframe.

Recommendation: 0.1 Lot size per 500 USD. For 2000 USD account use 0.1 with 4 pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY.

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