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The EA works on EURUSD, recommended timeframe – М15. The trading robot can work with small deposits. It does not use martingale, hedging and averaging. The product works with 5-digit quotes and applies several indicators. A low-spread broker is recommended.


  • SendMailInfo – send an email notifying of position opening/closing;
  • ATRfilter – filter ATR;
  • Atr_Period – ATR period;
  • AtrPips – maximum pips using ATR;
  • Allow_2_Trade – open two trades;
  • Allow_3_Trade – open three trades;
  • MAGIC – unique number;
  • lot – lot size if risk is 0;
  • Risk – risk per one trade;
  • STEALTH – hide SL/TP from the broker;
  • Max_Spread – if the current spread exceeds Max_Spread, trading is disabled;
  • Slippage – slippage;
  • Open_Hour – time to start trading;
  • Close_Hour – time to stop trading.
Matt Lowe
Matt Lowe 2015.07.07 12:42 

So far the EA works really well in forward testing in my real money account.

I am using the Pepperstone Razor ECN account here https://pepperstone.com/?a_aid=razorecn

I am only using it with EURUSD as the spread averages 0.1 pips, its insane, I also have like 60 days or something commission free trading.

I will look to post a signal soon for Real money, the only issue is I have 3 Experts working out of 1 account, but it will be pretty easy to see which trades are Impulse.


Giuseppe D'Alessandro
Giuseppe D'Alessandro 2015.05.04 20:54 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Dr. Trader
Dr. Trader 2015.02.23 22:01 

As described, this EA can run without any additional configuration, just setup to an account and forget.

But, default settings are not so good right now. Also, I do not recommend setting risk above 50, otherwise you will hit broker stop out too soon. I have used program Tickstory to generate tester ticks with 99.9% quality, and then tried different s/l and t/p levels in tester for last 2 year period to limit losses and increase profit. If you have a broker account with fixed low spread, then tester results with tickstory are pretty close to real life results. For example I use Activtrades-UK, this EA seems to work well there. Also you must try different timeframes.

I think its possible to get around 10% monthly profit if you adjust risk to have no more than 20% drawdown.

Советник соответствует описанию, его можно один раз оптимизировать, поставить торговать на счёт, и забыть о дальнейшей оптимизации. Дефолтные настройки в настоящий момент не прибыльны, я использовал программу Tickstory для генерации тестовых тиков с качеством 99,9% и тестрировал советника за прошлыз 2 года с разными s/l и t/p уровнями чтобы найти то что меня устраивает. Риск лучше не ставить больше 50 чтоб не поймать стоп аут брокера. У меня брокер Activtrades-UK, у них низкий фиксированный спред, поэтому результаты тестирования почти совпадают с реальными. Ещё можно использовать другой таймфрейм, результаты тестирования от него очень меняются, иногда в лучшую сторону.

С правильными настройками можно получать около 10% профита ежемесячно, с таким риском чтобы просадка никогда не была больше 20%.

richardw66 2015.01.22 02:19 

following recommended settings and down almost 90% in 2 months!! crazy this is 5 stars

Yuji Morita
Yuji Morita 2014.12.09 04:19 

Very Good

Paulus Nangoy
Paulus Nangoy 2014.11.17 12:28 

I have to agree with Joseph7888, support is excellent .. thank you :)

Version 2.1 2016.10.31
Added the new parameters:
ATRfilter - ATR filter
Atr_Period - ATR period
AtrPips - maximum pips using ATR
Allow_2_Trade - open two trades
Allow_3_Trade - open three trades
Version 2.0 2014.12.26
Added new strategy
Version 1.1 2014.12.02
1. Fixed minor errors.
2. It is now possible to change the following parameters:
- TakeProfit - Take Profit settings;
- StopLoss - Stop loss settings;
3. Added a new indicator to better enter the market.