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qAutoActivation indicator is one of the main components of Trading Chaos Expert trading expert panel. The indicator displays the current trend on the current timeframe. This is the first indicator that is attached to the chart and saved in the trading complex template. It defines what trading signals from the expert panel should be automated for market entry (bullish or bearish ones).

When the trend changes, the indicator changes the line color and, at the same time, highlights the trading panel's timeframe. If the indicator line is red, the market is bearish. If the indicator line is absent, there is no definite trend on a specified timeframe. If the indicator line is green, the market is bullish. The indicator efficiently displays support and resistance levels for price candles. Generally, when the price approaches the indicator line, it rolls back. This demonstrates the strength of the trend.

The pattern has been found, which usually leads to trend direction change on any timeframe where the price stop and reversal impulse has been detected.

Trend Change Pattern

  1. qAutoActivation stops displaying the line and changes the color to the opposite one

  2. A fractal or a short-term price extremum defined by Short term extremums indicator is formed

  3. During the fractal forming, АО (Awesome Oscillator) indicator histogram crosses the zero line in the direction of a formed fractal

  4. The level of the first fractal formed after qAutoActivation changed its color is the most attractive market entry point. At the time the fractal is generated, the EA's trading panel displays "3" (the third Wise Man) in more saturated color

  5. A stop loss for an open position is located below (above) an opposite fractal located in the previous trend direction. After that, the stop loss, stop trade or stop-reverse is moved below (above) the level of the similar fractal directed in the opposite direction. The distance between these fractals is called Saddle point.

Recommended Template Set

as well as the indicators provided in the МetaТrader 5 platform by default:

  • Gator Oscillator
  • Market Facilitation Index (MFI)
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Version 6.22 2015.08.28
Improved algorithm of determining the moment of a trend change.
Version 6.12 2015.04.24
Fixed a bug relationship with indicator Fractal breakout level.
Version 6.11 2015.04.20
Version 6.1 2015.04.10