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Counter Demo

This is a demo version of the Expert Advisor. The risk amount is limited in this version (0.1% of the deposit). To test all functions open a large deposit ($1 million).

Counter is an assistant EA for manual trading. It allows you to set multiple orders (from 1 to 20), taking into account the risk. All actions are performed using the mouse. There is not need to enter anything from the keyboard. Two options for calculating the size of the lot are available:

  • equal lot - the fixed lot size will be used for all placed orders. The total possible loss will be equal to the risk that you choose.
  • equal risk - all placed orders will have different lot size, but each of them will have the same loss. And the total loss of these orders will correspond to the selected risk.

The Expert Advisor has a built-in function for modifying the Stop Loss and Take Profit for all orders at a time. It is also possible to remove all orders that have just been placed.

Panel Description

  • the "Minimize" button minimizes the panel. The "Maximize" button stays in the lower loft corner of the chart which will restore the panel.
  • Buttons "-", "+" and an input box - using these buttons, you can set the risk value in % of the deposit. Optionally, you can enter the numbers in the input field using the keyboard.
  • Button "Calculation of Lots" - selecting the lot calculation option:
    1. "equal LOTS" - setting equal lot size to all orders. The Stop Loss will be set on the same level, and if it triggers, then each order will have a different loss. But the sum of all these losses will correspond to the risk. For example, if 5 orders are placed at different levels with a total risk of 3%, and the deposit is $1000, then the lots will be equal, and the total loss in case Stop Loss triggers, will be $30. If the resulting lot size is less than the minimal allowed size, the Expert Advisor can place all orders with the minimum lot or generate an Alert and do nothing.
    2. "equal RISK" - if you want to set all orders with the equal risk, i.e. to loss of each of them would be equal. The lots will be different. and the total loss of all orders is equal to the risk. For example, if 5 orders are placed at different levels, risk is 3%, and the deposit is $1000, then the lots will be different, the loss of each position in case of stop loss will be $6, and the total loss will be $30.
  • The "Levels" button draws lines on a chart denoting Stop Loss (red), Take Profit (blue) and lines indicating order open prices (green). You can choose the levels of these lines, add or remove lines. You can delete the TakeProfit line, if you do not use it for the orders. Unpress the button to remove the lines.
  • The "Send Orders" button places orders. The order open prices, the StopLoss and TakeProfit levels are determined by lines, the order type is determined automatically: if the StopLoss line is above all the order open lines, a sell order is placed; if it's below, a Buy order is placed.
  • The "Delete Last Orders" button deletes the last placed orders.
  • The "Add a Level" button adds an order open line. This button is required if you want to set extra levels. The levels should be added before you press "Send Orders".
  • The "Modify SL" button - if you click once, a line at the StopLoss level appears. You can move it to the desired level and press the button once again. All StopLoss levels will be modified.
  • The "Modify TP" button - if you click once, a line at the TakeProfit level appears. After moving it to the new level, press the button once again. All TakeProfit levels will be modified.
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