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Alert Line

Alert Line will auto generate 2 trend lines. It will alert you when price will touch the line.


  • Auto generates 2 Alert Lines by checking recently history prices.
  • It shows the distance in pips between the line and the current price.
  • When price touches the line, it will alert you by playing a sound.
  • You can customize these two lines by moving them on chart with mouse.


  • Far_Color—Normal color of line (default is yellow).
  • Near_Color—When price is close to the line, line will change color to this one (default is red).
  • Near_Point—Define "Near". When the distance between price and line below N points, it is considered as Near and then line changes its color as Near_color (by default N is 15 pips).
  • Pass_Color—When lines has expired, or alerted (default is grey).
  • Sound_Touch_Top—Alert (this sound) when touching the top line (Alert.wav).
  • Sound_Touch_Bottom—Alert (this sound) when touching the bottom line (Alert2.wav).
  • AutoDetectShape—Auto detect shape and put the line to match the shape (true: auto detect; false: two horizontals).
  • DetectBarNumber—If AutoDetectShape is used, detect the shape of N Bars (by default N is 30 bars).
  • LockLineAfterMovedByUser—When user moves lines they will be locked. (true: locked; false: not locked when changing period, it will update lines).
  • ShowAlertPrice—Show Alert price.
  • ShowAlertPips—Show the distance between line and current price.
  • Default_Text_Color—Color of text (Aqua).
  • Default_Text_Size—Size of text (16).
sunnychow 2018.11.24 17:49 

thanks for share

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2018.06.12 16:02 

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Ali irwan
Ali irwan 2017.07.26 09:34 


Michael Maggi
Michael Maggi 2017.07.13 08:49 

Works great and simple to setup, use, and move around for scalping.

Mihai67 2017.06.15 11:34 

Very useful. work good.

Francis Dogbe
Francis Dogbe 2016.04.22 17:31 

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