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Universal is a trading robot designed for MetaТrader 5. It works with the help of artificial intelligence without a need to input external data or adjusting settings. Trading flow is completely automated immediately after assigning it to a chart. The best results are achieved on EURUSD pair which usually has small spread.

Trading Strategy

Modified versions of trading based on trends, semi-piramiding, scalping and speculation with deposit protection are used. Switching between strategies is done automatically. Program also takes into account news calendar: trading is frozen within 10 minutes until and after planned news event. Trading is stopped during hours 22:00-04:00 (server time) due to market instability during that period.

The robot has been tested on a special testing environment with more than 10 000 runs on real tick data, with the help of which we have found empirical formulas and saddle points to determine optimal coefficients for EURUSD. Coefficients are adjusted automatically during trading which is the main advantage of artificial intelligence.

Source code is composed of multiple functional parts with the main part being OnTick function which executes main trade actions.

Usage requirements and recommendations: Pro or ECN account (Market Execution) with spread ranging from 0-1.5 pips (0-15 pips for prices with 5-digit precision), quotes with 5 or 3 digit precision, immediate order execution (less than 1 second), possibly with commission Leverage between 1:50-1:1 000.


Deposit currency: USD or EUR.

Maximal drawdown is close to 20% on average. Minimal deposit should be at least $1 000 but it is recommended to be $1 500 or more.

In Fig. 1, there are illustrated input/output forms which allow you to choose the working mode of the Expert Advisor directly from a chart with one click.

  • Sell, Buy – by toggling these buttons, you can allow (green) or deny (red) corresponding order execution.
  • Time – number of price bars (3-1 000 ) time period equals to 5 х Time minutes.
  • Coef lot – coefficient (40 000-200 000) for minimal (base) lot calculation: Balance / Coef lot.
  • Pr1, Pr2 – number of pips until closing the order (Pr1 for minimal lot, Pr2 – for double lot).
  • minlot – current size of calculated minimal (base) lot.
  • Max, Min – minimal and maximal prices.
  • V – speed of price changes.
Results can be incorrect when testing with MetaTrader tester since the robot takes into account the speed of price changes and news calendar, which are not handled correctly by the tester. Taking into account the fact that MetaTrader tester is not working on real ticks, testing results should not be taken into account for evaluation. It is strongly recommended to verify trading robot on a demo account.

Recommendations for Maximizing Profit

  • During times when market is quiet, it is possible to increase Time value up to 5.
  • Increase Coef lot up to 40 000.
  • Add currency pairs AUDUSD and GBPUSD (with Coef lot set to 80 000).
  • Adjust values to Pr1=12, Pr2=8.
Take into account that when increasing profit trading risk is increased, too.

Recommendations for Minimizing Risk

  • In case of a slow trend lasting more than an hour, it is advised to disable Sell if trend is increasing, or Buy if trend is decreasing.
  • If robot is set on more than one chart, then it is better to keep Coef lot value higher than 120 000.
  • Set Time value greater than 13.
  • After a losing trade is closed, temporarily disable Sell and Buy.

Operating Guidelines

  • When there are no open orders, you can open a manual order. In that case, robot will handle it by continuing trading on it.
  • You can manually close the order opened by the robot.
  • Do not change the size of already opened order.
  • Do not change Time and Coef lot when an open order is present.
  • It is strongly not recommended to leave open order for a weekend, manually close any open orders after 23:00 server time.


Petros Shatakhtsyan, programming expert in modeling and development of automated systems with more than 7 years of Forex experience.

Sturgis isaac
2016.08.10 15:41 

Ok I have to give two stars because I made $60. But the EA is not good. It looks good in testing (every tick) and the author will tell you to not to test on "real ticks" because it has errors. The truth however is Real ticks is the Real results. And you will see it's not a good ea. DO NOT BUY, DO NOT RENT, only DOWNLOAD DEMO, TEST IT ON "EVERY TICK BASED ON REAL TICKS" AND see for your self it's not a good EA.

2015.12.17 17:32 

After 7 months using this EA, I can write here an honest review of it..

What can I say of Universal and SAFE EA? In 2 words, LIFE CHANGER.

That's what it means to me now..

I decided to look for an EA that would be the best, didn't matter how much it would cost. I was tired of using cheap EA's that were a waste of time.

So I found Universal.. after a few messages with the developer Petros, I rented it for 3 months. After 1 month of using in a real account, I decided I had to buy it because I finally found what I was looking for.

I tried for 6 months to find a good settings. I finally did. Petros did tell me something that changed it all. He said 'you are NOT using correct Money Management.. you are entering too heavy at the trades..'

So I changed it to a not-so-risky configuration, and voilà! Suddenly all the losses were gone and the profits came like I've never seen...

Today, my other account is at the highest it could be.

I am TOP 1 MT5 Signal.

My average growth is 40% PER MONTH. Check it out for yourself -> https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/104580


That is a LOT !

If you want a good EA, buy anyone at the Market. If you want the best EA, buy Universal and SAFE.

PS.: I have had some setbacks in the past while trying to find out the config but Petros did tried to help me a lot and made some updates to fix it all. That is remarkable! If I could give you only 1 tip for the EA, it would be to not use it at GBPUSD. I just found this out.

PS2: I do not give my settings away. No offense but I took a lot of time and effort to find them out. So please don't buy the EA in hope I give them, you will be able to find a very good one at your own, trust me.

Artem Borisov
2015.12.04 13:10 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Izzatilla Ikramov
2015.12.01 09:44 

Давно наблюдаю за работой этого Советника. В идее данного советнике есть то, чего на мой взгляд многим не удается реализовать в торговле. Контролируйте риски. Спасибо автору.

2015.09.08 13:06 

I have tested this robot for 2 months and its just eating up my account.The author Petros is one of the worst persons i have met.Dont believe on his signals,he's continously manipulating his signals.Dont believe on tester results,this EA only makes money in tester and not in real.I am highly disatisfied with this EA.According to me its a complete waste of money.VERY VERY BAD.


Topped up my account with 3000 USD and thought it to give a try again and now after more than two months(June,july,August)im down 800 USD.My Total loss=1900(EA cost)+800=2700 USD

Anatoly Stepanov
2015.09.07 16:49 

Петрос, я Вам очень благодарен за Universal.

Кто понимает Forex, тот оценит.

Робот полезен как новичку (при настройках низких рисков),

так и профессионалу, способному анализировать движение рынка.

Во втором случае открываются широкие возможности в настройках.

Пользуюсь роботом девятый месяц.

Khalid Jmor
2015.08.28 11:07 

i have to say after 6 months use this EA i make only loss i lost all my capital.

Mike A.G.
2015.08.12 10:52 

5 months of trading: -10.000 USD.

2015.08.03 22:49 

Universal is performing well, without tuning.

Thanks to métros.

2015.07.21 22:36 

I have rented this EA for 3 months and used it with default settings on roboforex pro cent account, trading eurusd only.

Total account growth during this period is 21.11% (by month: -2,29%; +17.75%; +5.26%). Maximal drawdown during whole period was 8.58%

I did no manual open or close of trades, except closing trades before end of trading week.

Арендовал советник на 3 месяца и использовал с дефолтными настройками на roboforex pro cent аккаунте, торговал только eurusd.

Прирост баланса за это время 21,11% (по месяцам: -2,29%; +17,75%; +5,26%). Максимальная просадка за всё время была 8,58%

Я не вмешивался в работу советника и не открывал и не закрывал сделки в течении торговой недели, но закрывал все сделки перед выходными.

2015.05.17 14:44 

Как и любая программа, этот робот требует правильной настройки.

Если следовать советам автора, не спешить и не жадничать, не пытаться "заработать миллион уже завтра", то робот "Universal" приносит очень хорошую стабильную прибыль.

Очень доволен покупкой. Спасибо за робота и поддержку!

2015.03.13 19:02 

It's your typical martingale strategy with a limit towards the downside, when the market moves fast, you're going to get losses.

Craig Giannelli
2015.02.20 19:08 

I'm going to open and say this bot is simply phenomenal. I just can't grasp how wonderful it has been. I've wasted tons of cash on a multitude of bots over the past year and only If I knew this one first. Even If you only have $2500 to invest, buy this bot and put the rest into the trade account.

This week with the Eruo/Greece debt crisis going on, most bots in the past have failed in epic ways during these volatile times. But I've seen this bot perform well so I let it try where I normally turn off autotrading. The recent spike from 1.13560 up to 1.14280 then down, was caught perfectly by Universal on a buy order about 3 bars earlier on the 15m chart. It opened at 1.1370 and closed at the height of the chaos at 1.14120. A wonderful winning trade in under 45 minutes. Most bots of my past would have missed closing because a predetermined TP that was just barely missed, or a multitude of other trades that would have been great but failed from some programmed logic reason.

I also use a signal service on another account so why buy a bot? Signals are great, especially the one I use, but if your equity is lower than theirs, you may trade trivial lot sizes that make little profits. This can be fixed through manual means but that also has issues. Bots are great because they never sleep and keep on trading.

I have adjusted the settings and talked them over to the bots author who said "that's insane, very risky and not suggested." which is true. But even with these settings it has performed gloriously. Settings that I will tone down in the near future after further testing.

This leads me to my final note. The author is fantastic. Polite, Quick to respond and quite active within the community. I hope the bot keeps performing this well, but so far I'm very impressed and I am not often one that praises.

Version 6.60 - 2015.10.22

Certain corrections in case of a server error.
Version 6.50 - 2015.10.06
Added ability to select the maximum drawdown at which an order is closed.

From Coef.lot removed maximum limit

Default settings: Coef.lot = 200000, Time = 35, Pr1 = 8, Pr2 = 5, Drawdown = 10

For GBPUSD and AUDUSD recommended value is Coef.lot = 500000
Version 6.40 - 2015.06.01

When disabling SELL/BUY, new orders are not opened
Changed the limits of Coef.lot: from 20 000 to 250 000
Unprofitable order is closed if the relative drawdown by equity is about 8.5% (when Coef.lot more 60 000) and 12.5% (when Coef.lot is less or = 60 000).

The default settings: Coef.lot = 120 000, Time = 5, Pr1 = 8, Pr2 = 5

Please test the robot on a real account with the type: "Market Execution".
Version 6.36 - 2015.05.05

At users' requests, trading EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD does not have any restrictions now.

Added verification of leverage.
Version 6.35 - 2015.04.27
The new version is less sensitive to losses, when the lot is at the maximum.
Improved trading stability.
Unprofitable order will be closed if the relative drawdown by equity is about 9%.
Minimum limit Coef.lot, is set 40000
The default settings: Coef.lot=120 000, Time=5, Pr1=8, Pr2=5

Please, test the robot on a real account, with the type: "Market Execution".
Version 6.31 - 2015.03.30
Changed only the default settings: Time=5, Coef.lot=120 000
Version 6.3 - 2015.03.03

At the request of users, restored trade GBPUSD and AUDUSD
Increased level of security
Reduced drawdown of funds up to 10%
Change the default settings: Time = 13, Coef.lot = 160 000
Version 6.0 - 2015.02.16
1. Only EURUSD can be used
2. Increased the Coef. lot parameter to 200 000
3. Added a robot operation attribute to Comments field