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AutoPostExpert publishes MT4 terminal trade reports on network resources.

Only built-in terminal features are used.

The product has been developed for the EAs participating in one of Roboforex contests and adapted for its resources (post frequency, timeout, volume, repetitions and splicing). It has not been tested on other resources.

EA Setup

  1. Set your Roboforex forum account's login and password.
  2. Specify a link to the forum thread a necessary trading data is to be exported to:
    • order ticket;
    • trade direction;
    • trade volume;
    • trade currency pair;
    • trades' Open and Close prices;
    • stop loss and take profit values;
    • current profit at the time of publication;
    • trade risk;
    • comments (if any).
  3. Set publication frequency.

Terminal Setup

Tools Options Expert Advisors tick "Allow WebRequest for listed URL" and enter http://forum.roboforex.ru in the field below.

After the program is launched, data on all open and pending orders (if any) from the terminal's Trade tab is published at this address.

Upon expiration of the period specified in the EA settings, a new piece of data is published. It contains information on all:

  • closed orders since the moment of the last publication (History table) if any;
  • open and pending orders from the terminal's Trade tab (Trade table) if any.

The risk is calculated in case a stop loss is provided. If the risk is negative, a stop loss has the worse price relative to the position open one. If the risk is positive, a stop loss has the better price than the position open one.

The EA performs no trading activity. Therefore, it is not affected by the state of the terminal autotrading settings.

For more information on the project's organizational part, contact the user https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ivanivanov

If you want to know more about the project's software component, contact the user https://www.mql5.com/en/users/fyords.

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Version 1.27 - 2014.11.21
1. Deleted: Total risk by all orders.
2. Added: Risk by pending and market orders is calculated and published separately.
Version 1.26 - 2014.11.17
1. Added total risk (under Trade table)
2. Added ability to disable risk display (both total risk and the one for separate orders).