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ID Bars or candles with fewer decimal points

The indicator draws candles and bars based on Open, High, Low and Close values rounded to a necessary decimal place. For example, if a chart consists of bars with five-digit Open, High, Low and Close values, it is possible to configure the display of bars or candles having four, three or other number of decimal places. Open, High, Low and Close values displayed by the indicator are shown in the data window.

The chart can also be displayed as a colored line based on rounded Close prices. Also, the indicator can be used for drawing not rounded bars colored according to the price direction (or lines based on Close prices).

Custom Parameters

Name Description
Bars or candlesticks or line:

By default draw by default according to the chart type (bars, candles or a line) at the moment the indicator was placed to the chart and/or when the timeframe or the chart symbol was changed;

Bar chart draw bars regardless of the chart type;

Candlestick chart draw candles regardless of the chart type;

Line connecting Close prices draw the line connecting bar Close prices regardless of the chart type.

Bodies of the Bar Chart - draw only bodies of the bars.

Bodies of the Сandlestick chart - draw only bodies of the candlesticks.

Shadows of the Bars(Сandlestick) chart - draw vertical lines from High to Low instead of bars and candlesticks.

Show primary data:

Yes display basic candles with the source data on the background (colored background is used);

Yes option may also be necessary in case "Chart" objects are to be generated manually or programmatically in the chart window where the indicator is placed.

No basic candles, bars or the line are not displayed on the chart.

Decimal digits:

Selecting the number of decimal places displayed for Open, High, Low and Close.

"By default" is minus one decimal place. For example, candles and bars with four-digit Open, High, Low and Close values are automatically displayed by default on the chart with five-digit places. Candles and bars with two-digit Open, High, Low and Close values are automatically displayed on the chart having three-digit quotes.

Bull candle or Bar Up or Line Up (color background):

Bear candle or Bar Down or Line Down (color background):

Doji (color background):

Customizable colors for basic bars, candles and lines based on initial price values. These candles, bars or lines are displayed on the chart's background if Show primary data: = Yes.

Note: Colors for bars, candles and the line with rounded prices are set in Colors tab of the indicator settings. Bar/line style and width are also set there.

After the indicator is removed, previous colors of bars, candles or the line are restored on the chart.

Besides, if you have changed the following elements after launching the indicator:

  • chart's background color;
  • axes, scale and OHLC line color;
  • grid and/or Ask price line color,

then their values are changed back to previous ones when you alter the timeframe, chart symbol and the indicator properties or remove the indicator from the chart.

Ali irwan
2017.07.25 11:56 


2016.11.24 13:22 

Большое спасибо! Отличная программа!

2016.11.15 09:15 

Большое спасибо автору за разработку!! Индикатор сильно пригодился, мне было нужно отображение бара/свечи сплошной линией от Low до High с настраиваемой шириной, чтобы не уставали глаза при работе. В этом индикаторе данное требование удачно реализовано. Автор разработки очень прекрасный и отзывчивый человек!! Огромная благодарность, Вам, Дина!!

Rodrigo da Silva Boa
2015.12.13 09:53 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Izzatilla Ikramov
2015.01.31 16:10 

Спасибо за разработку. Есть ли в Вашем арсенале - то, что оставляет бары на основе цены открытия и закрытия бара. Убирает путь цены от цены открытия/закрытия до LOW и HIGH, то есть рисует бары без шипов.

Version 1.59 - 2016.12.05
Improved Doji and candle display on a chart.
Fixed Doji labels display in the Data Window.
Version 1.19 - 2016.11.15
I. Added properties to the "Input parameters" tab:

1. Selection of the decimal places now has the option: "Digits = AUTO".
When this option is selected, the number of decimal places in the values displayed by the indicator is automatically equal to the precision of the price measurement of the current chart symbol.
In addition, the name of the "By default" parameter was changed to "Digits = AUTO - 1".

2. In order to facilitate customization of the utility properties and to avoid going to the "Colors" tab for changing the color scheme, added the following parameters to the "Input parameters" tab:
- Bull candle or Bar Up or Line Up <= color of the bullish candle (upward bar, upward lines);
- Bear candle or Bar Down or Line Down <= color of the bearish candle (downward bar, downward lines);
- Doji <= color of the Doji (bar, lines) candle.
- Width <= selection of width for displaying the following options:
Bodies of the Bar Chart <= bar bodies (Open - Close) are displayed on the chart;
Bodies of the Candlestick chart <= candlestick bodies (Open - Close) are displayed on the chart;
Shadows of the Bars(Сandlestick) chart <= vertical lines from High to Low of each candle/bar are displayed on the chart.

These changes are also useful in that you can now save your customized settings more fully using the "Save" button located in the "Input parameters" tab of the utility properties. These individual settings can be loaded when the utility is attached to the chart using the "Load" button located in the same place.

II. Performed minor code optimization.

Best regards, Dina Paches.
Version 1.5 - 2015.02.03
Additional features of the analyzer. Sense clarifications in the names of the line of the "Bars or candle or line" properties.

1. Update:
The "Bars or candle or line" properties line is now called "Bars or candlesticks or line". For ease of use, names in its selection list have been corrected.

2. Mew features of the analyzer:
New properties in the indicator parameter named "Bars or candlesticks or line":
- "Bodies of the Bar Chart" - showing bar bodies on the chart баров (vertical lines between Open and Close). If this parameter is selected, the indicator draws bars from Open to Close without High and Low values.
- "Bodies of the Сandlestick chart" - displaying candlestick bodies between Open and Close on the chart. The indicator draws candlesticks without shadows to High and Low.
- "Shadows of the Bars(Сandlestick) chart" - drawing vertical lines from High to Low. Open and Close of the bars or candlesticks are not drawn.

Remember, that you can hide bars, candlesticks or the line from the chart by setting the value of the indicator parameter "Show primary data" to "No".

Dina Paches