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Muholov FX Master Lite 2

The lite version of the "Muholov FX-master" Expert Advisor (analyzes compliance with 2 of the 3 types of signals for opening a deal) defines trend reversal points and tries to gain the best of the price movement. Signals are rare, but are quite accurate. The Expert Advisor simultaneously analyzes and trades 276 trading instruments.

  • A trader can choose which group of symbols to trade.
  • The volume of each order is fixed - 0.01 Lot.
  • A trader can set an individual limit on the minimum number of orders for each symbol.
  • Restriction to open new orders below the preset level value.

A trader can calculate the range of possible variations, depending on his or her deposit. The larger is deposit, the lower is the risk. Once the EA covers orders with profit, it will not open new positions until the required level is reached. As the balance grows, the trader cam withdraw the difference in profit, the EA will continue to trade.


  • max_orders_limit - maximum number of orders in one direction for one symbol.
  • Min. orders in series - number of orders placed with weak signals. With average and strong signal, the limit will be increased by 2 and 5 times, respectively.
  • Profit for trall - target profit of a position, after which trailing will trigger.
  • min_order_profit - maximum profit per trade to move to breakeven.
  • first_stoploss - this distance being passed (+ spread) , an order is moved to breakeven.
  • Level below orders not open - the level, below which the EA will not open orders.
  • Min. deviation - minimum standard deviation of D1 to place an order. The higher the level is, the higher should be the symbol volatility.
  • Extra orders step - after this distance, the EA will place additional orders in case the limit of orders is reached, but there are signals and the symbol price has moved far from the last placed order.
  • all_swaps_orders - open trades with a negative swap.
  • CFD - trading CFD: perpetual futures contracts and indexes.
  • extra_CFD - trading CFD: futures and indexes with expiration term (only of CFD is enabled).
  • Tries to download quotes - number of attempts to download history before moving to the next symbol.
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