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Knight Trader

Knight Trader™

This is a professional robot that only works when the market is calm.

The robot is very safe. It features account equity protection and stop loss.

Trading System

  • System trades on H1 timeframe
  • Pair: EUR/USD
  • Settings you need to change:
  • Lot: 0.06 best for $1 000 account
  • Percent all max: 15.0 
  • Stop loss: 10
  • Take profit: 5

The robot works only at night when the market is calm, so news and other things cannot affect its performance, like on other robots.

The trading robot is highly reliable, as it has been developed considering trading on a real account.

The money management system allows you to put at risk only 5% of your account.

Each deal is protected by stop orders (Stop Loss and Take Profit).

You will also receive simple manual system that is very efficient, and I will show you professional money management system that you will use.

You can see on the screenshots that money is withdrawn to Netteler, so the account is real.

Contact me, so you can receive the manual system.

2017.04.06 14:07 

Very impressive EA. I would definitely recommend it.

Don't just put this EA on a chart, you need to manage it.