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HiddenSpiderwebBasic is the basic Expert Advisor version from a project of the "Hidden Spiderweb" series. All Expert Advisors of the series utilize the same underlying algorithm. The logic of the "Hidden Spiderweb" suggests that it is a virtual gridder. Does not use pending orders, the grid parameters are calculated and stored inside the EA, and then are implemented as orders of type TRADE_ACTION_DEAL. The difference of the EA from the most of the existing grid-strategies is in its key feature: "if the EA is correctly configured, it not only stays in the market during large price movements, but also benefits from them".

Difference of the following versions from the basic one:

  • HiddenSpiderwebSmart - includes additional "fine" settings and advanced functionality;
  • HiddenSpiderwebExtreme - to the fans of extreme: presets for making fast and large profits or loosing everything;
  • HiddenSpiderwebMulti is a multicurrency version.

How to use the Expert Advisor:

  • Run the EA on the required symbol window with a month period;
  • Set the optimal values ​​of adjustable parameters for the specific symbol. The values should be found in backtests in different parts of history.

Important! To provide correct execution of the algorithm, the following condition must be observed: "Only one Expert Advisor can operate with only one symbol on one account".

The values of the following parameters are important:

  • StartDepo - the initial deposit, the value should be equal to the account deposit (the same value should be used in the tester while selecting the best EA parameters);
  • Insurance - reserved funds, this value together with StartDepo defines the money management mode;
  • Reinvestment - if "Yes", the EA trades in the reinvestment mode (lot size grows together with the deposit increase); if "No", the EA trades a fixed lot;
  • PrefatoryStepGrid - the initial step, it is the basis for the calculation of the grid parameters (lower values lead to higher profitability, but also increases the risks);
  • SpecificMultiplier - a special ratio for the grid adjustment, it value is corrected depending on the value of PrefatoryStepGrid. To achieve a reasonable compromise between between the profitability and the risk, the best way it to meet the condition : PrefatoryStepGrid*SpecificMultiplier = 25000 (approximately);
  • FirstStep - during EA stat you can set the type of the first deal (BUY, SELL or AUTO to be decided by the EA). When the EA is started while the price is close to the extreme values of the history price range, it is reasonable to select manually (BUY at the lower limit, SELL at the upper limit);
  • RetrospectiveMonths - history depth in months, analyzing which the EA calculates and corrects the grid parameters at the beginning of each month during trading (lower values of the parameter increase the risk, too large values cut the profitability).
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