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Volatility EA

Expert Advisor for XAUUSD. Orders are opened when market volatility increases and price hikes. It is recommended to use this EA at brokers with low spread and on a VPS with low latency. You can begin with a deposit of $100. EA does not use in high-risk trading trading strategies like Martingale, and doesn't apply any technical indicators. Works directly with the 4 and 5 digit prices. Test mode "Every tick" at 99.9% modeling quality. With less precision quality of quotations, normal test won't work.

  • Risk - The risk of a deal.
  • ManualLot - Fixed lot if risk = 0.
  • TProfit - Profit.
  • SLoss - Loss.
  • PriceSteep - Indent from the price of pending orders.
  • SteepModify - Indent from the price for the modification of orders.
  • TimeModify - The time in seconds to modify orders.
  • TrailingStart - Start of trailing.
  • TrailingStep - Step of trailing.
  • Slipage - Slippage.
  • Magic - Magic Number.

Modification of orders occurs when the price touched or crossed the level of modification of orders, and after that market order hasn't been opened. The strategy is simple and effective. EA has worked well for gold and volatile currency pairs. Good luck to everyone.

Sinisa Sinjori
Sinisa Sinjori 2015.03.03 12:49 

Previous review is very interesting, really. Pavonine gives us a review of the EA, without trying EA itself (that's what we can see from his text).

People, don't be fooled by backtest results. In forward testing (either Demo or Real account, it doesn't matter), you will see mostly loosing trades, and you will end up with zero balance after some time. EA itself is very interesting garbage, because it shows very awesome backtesting results, but nothing of that during forward testing.

I would give ZERO stars to this EA, but Vladimir (author) is very helpful person, and he responds to questions very fast, so I will leave one star. If I would review Support, I will leave 5 stars, but here I am doing review of EA (and not the Author, like Pavonine did).

P.S. Author even doesn't have source code of that EA (he wrote that in one of his comments) - so you guess by yourself how much that EA worth (if it worth, he would keep the source code on some safe place ;)