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Show Calendar Events

This script downloads global calendar GMT datetime events file 'my-fx-autobot-calendar.csv'. Then vertical time lines are drawn specific for the currencies on this chart and are color-coded by importance (Red - High, Orange - Medium, Green - Low).

Warning: Markets need to be open for datetime calculations to work correctly in your terminal, i.e. not an offline script, and the file should be deleted on every new week in order to get the latest events file.

The CSV file data (sourced from accurate news websites) is made up of the following columns:

Day Time Currency Importance Event Actual Forecast Previous
01.09.2014 8:00 EUR Medium Manufacturing PMI
50.8 50.8
01.09.2014 8:30 GBP High Retail Sales
2.7% 2.3%
02.09.2014 1:30 AUD Medium Current Account
-4.2B -5.7B
03.09.2014 14:00 USD Low Factory Orders
1.0% 1.1%
04.09.2014 12:30 CAD Low Trade Balance
1.00B 1.86B
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Version 160.125 2016.02.04
Changed files URL as moved website hosting, please add new URL to WebRequest settings.
Version 150.611 2015.06.15
Обновление параметра file_url="http://pipzombie.com/MQL/Files/". Это связано с изменением названия сайта.
Version 141.9 2014.10.15
Fixed a rounding issue when calculating gmt offset in build 711