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My FX Autobot

The bot simply follows price trend of the currency pair its trading for the defined time period e.g. M15, and works on every new bar on the chart. It also can run on different periods for the same pair and only ever opens one order in the current trend direction based on your chosen settings/parameters. It trades with correlation of other pairs (see below), financial quantitative techniques, stop/start news filtering, session time management, dynamic lot size order placement, risk money management, different types of trailing stops for open orders and many other features.

Currency pair sets used by the bot to enter/exit orders, see EntryTypeValues & StopLossTypeValues e.g. AUDUSD

  • AUDbasepairs[]={"AUDUSD","AUDCAD","AUDCHF","AUDJPY","AUDNZD"}; AUDcounterpairs[]={"EURAUD","GBPAUD"};
  • USDbasepairs[]={"USDJPY","USDCHF","USDCAD","USDNOK","USDSEK"}; USDcounterpairs[]={"AUDUSD","NZDUSD","EURUSD","GBPUSD"};

Input parameters:

  • ExecuteOPEN = true/false - allow the bot to open orders
  • ExecuteCLOSE = true/false - allow the bot to close orders
  • ExecuteBUY = true/false - allow the bot to buy orders
  • ExecuteSELL = true/false - allow the bot to sell orders
  • EntryType - currency score for open orders using the currency sets, if base > counter then buy else sell
    • PSAR_Strength_Entry - consolidated PSAR strength based on currency sets
    • ADX_Strength_Entry - consolidated ADX strength based on currency sets
    • Price_vs_MA_Strength_Entry - consolidated moving average strength based on currency sets
  • StopLossType - for closing orders as per trading profile
    • PercentofAccount_Exit - trailing by %Risk x account value
    • PSAR_Exit - trailing by Parabolic Stop And Reverse indicator
    • ATR_MULTIPLE_Exit - trailing by Average True Range multiple
    • MA_Exit - trailing by Moving Average indicator
    • POINTS_Exit - trailing by set points away from price
    • HLBARS_Exit - previous bar Low price if uptrend else previous bar High price in downtrend
    • PSAR_Strength_Exit - not used to set hard SL, bot exits if trend reverses for this indicator
    • ADX_Strength_Exit - not used to set hard SL, bot exits if trend reverses for this indicator
    • Price_vs_MA_Strength_Exit - not used to set hard SL, bot exits if trend reverses for this indicator
  • useSessionTimes_from_file = false - used specified session times from file or trade around the clock
  • LotSize = 0.05 - if LotSize=0 then use dynamic lot sizing else use the LotSize specified
  • PercentofAccountTradeRisk = 2.0 - this will also set dynamic lot sizing (if LotSize=0) and control SL price (if PercentofAccount_Exit=true)
  • file_url = http://mql.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/ - website for csv files  

Required data files (downloaded if it doesn't exist in /MQL/Files/):

  • my-fx-autobot-calendar.csv : List of GMT time event dates per currency for that country
  • my-fx-autobot-holidays.csv : List of holiday dates per currency for that country
  • my-fx-autobot-sessions.csv : Allowable bot session start/end times per day
  • my-fx-autobot-TradingProfile.csv : Global settings for technical indicators, stop losses, order entry/exit etc.
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Version 160.125 2016.02.04
(1) TypeOfScore parameter set to default of "Percent", others deprecated.
(2) All new orders show specific entry / exit / period settings in comment field.
(3) New parameter "SaveOrderHistory" - save closed order trade history to file on exit, useful when backtesting with different parameters, output will be same as "Account history".
(4) Changed files URL as moved website hosting, please add new URL to WebRequest settings.
Version 150.828 2015.09.04
(1)Per tick on any open orders (regardless of SL type used) - prevents further losses and do not re-open order i.e. kill switch OR book early gains and re-open order (ignore ATR & spread checks), as per PercentofAccountTradeRisk x account value

(2) new stop loss PercentofAccount_Exit - trailing by %Risk x account value, as per PercentofAccountTradeRisk & LotSize
Version 150.803 2015.08.10
Creates the order only if order trend entry and stop loss price do not conflict, ensures more accurate orders if using tighter stops, e.g. PSAR_Exit etc...
Version 150.611 2015.06.15
new parameter string file_url="http://pipzombie.com/MQL/Files/"; because of website name change
Version 141.9 2014.10.15
Fixed a rounding issue when calculating gmt offset in build 711