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SFE Price Action

SFE Price Action is an Expert Advisor with a great diversification of operations and different systems working with pairs and 4 timeframes. This increases the chances of sustained growth and reduces exposure to a single pair or individual operations. The risk is very controlled.

Based on own price action rules, no hedge, martingale, grid or any other type of dangerous practices are used, such as not closing failed operations.

You do not need any knowledge, the configuration is very easy and you do not need configuration or optimization work. It is not necessary to be alerted about whether the EA should be enabled or not. Due to its high diversification and low risk, it is safe to leave it always connected.

Realistic management of internal adjustments. Instead of trying to find the exact values ​​that fit the historical prices of each pair, the EA uses values ​​that are effective in all pairs. This demonstrates the strength of the algorithms of the EA and reinforces the possibilities of maintaining the good performance in the future movements.

Counting on a 10-year backtest period and more than 5.0 years of live action since mid-2014, it shows the EA's great adaptability to any type of structural behavior in the market, in trend or sideways. The robot bases its advantage on intraday volatility, which often occurs independently of market bias.

It does not need sophisticated trading conditions or high execution speed, it works in any broker (ECN account recommended), and the computer resources needed to run the expert are very low. All pairs and timeframes recommended are handled from only 1 chart

Live Signal    https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/124880

Live setup

The EA is very easy to setup, and can be used with the default parameters. Only parameters related with the GMT of the broker and the size of the orders must be checked.

The EA must be attached to ONLY one M5 chart. Use an EURUSD chart is recommended.

If the names of the symbols aren't the common in your broker platform, update the names in the Symbol List parameter.

The EA is very lightweight in resources demand, and can be used with other EAs.


The symbols must be backtested on the M5 timeframe.



  • Broker GMT. Enter the GMT offset of your broker in the winter period (not DST)
  • Broker appplies DST. Enter 'yes' if your broker changes the GMT offset, in the DST period


  • Autolot. Balance percentage to consider. Define the percentage of your account balance to assign (0-200.0).
  • Autolot (mode 1). Percentage risk/trade. Risk assumed in each position
  • Symbol List. The list of pairs to trade. You must use the semicolon character (;) to separate the pairs selected.


  • Autolot (mode 2). Balance for each 0.01 Lots. Applies if value > 0 and Option 1 = 0
  • Fixed Order Size (mode 3). Order size in lots. Applies if Option 1 = 0 and Option 2 = 0
  • Autolot. Min. Virtual Balance. Balance used if is below this value
  • Size multiplier applied to the 'reversal' system (0=no trade)
  • Order Comment. Define the order comment. Special key word: #magic


  • Test Full List (put 1 to test the symbols on the list at once)  ONLY FOR MT5
  • Test Fix Balance 10.000 (Put 1 for Fix the balance to10.000) the size of the orders will be calculated always with this fixed value

    espro 2019.09.24 14:57 


    Martin Volk
    Martin Volk 2019.01.28 19:43 

    Not worth the money

    jksingla 2018.09.15 02:22 

    The customer service on this EA is really bad. I rented it for a month and it's not doing what it is supposed to. No one is responding to my questions which is very unfortunate. Please process my refund of $180 right away.

    FormixTrader 2018.08.30 15:50 

    Very bad ea, i lose more money!

    serrallonga 2018.08.21 19:09 

    Safe and stable, ideal for big accounts. I'm running on live account with low dd, stable profit curve and the most important! I'm getting the same results that the signal.

    Great work, very professional and so far one of the best developer on mql.

    Well done!!

    budd 2018.02.26 18:29 

    The truth is this EA is good... If you are managing a huge massive amount of money, 99.9% of people here dont have a plus 300k or what ever.

    If we remove the results of 2016 from the signal history, then what greatness is there here? That its safe? That it catches the market moves?

    in the whole of 2018 it has made 3.34% and we are nearing year end.

    It is unfair to say this EA is not good, but it is also incorrect to market this EA at the majority of people as if it fits their needs.

    This EA will keep a large fund intact, and add nominal(small) amounts of money, maybe lose small amounts month to month.

    SFE Price action is if you have an account worth the price of a large house.

    I have asked for a refund several times because this EA is not a correct purchase, quite honestly even if I had 500k the last place I would put it would be behind this,

    If you are rich sfe price action will keep your rich and catch monumental market moves?

    If you are a standard retail trader? This EA falls into the category of performance known as S&hit, but its because you misunderstand who this EA is targeted at.

    Authors are able to issue refunds I have had one sent, this author refuses to issue me for a product I have no business with at all, I have raised a ticket to have it removed from my library.

    Heinrich Horn
    Heinrich Horn 2017.12.28 13:31 

    Anyone interested in buying My SFE PA EA.

    Found something beter.

    Still have 10 Activations left

    bullish15 2017.11.05 19:29 

    I've been running it for at least 4 months now, very impressive EA. I would definitely recommend it.

    Updating my review after longer testing... I've been running this for 6 months now, and it's an amazing EA.

    Update November-07-2015 : I can't praise this EA enough. It reached a new high last month for me...again, I'll highly recommend this EA.

    update December-20-2016 : Another very profitable year by this EA... one of the best EA on the market.

    Update November 2017: this EA is still profitable and it’s been through a lot of market variations. For the last two years, I’ve never stopped the EA.

    In my opinion, you need to run the EA with fixed lot size, so it can wither the storm. Once it makes new highs you can up the lot size.

    Tobias 2017.10.13 17:02 

    rating based on performance

    Paladium 2017.09.11 20:28 

    After two years using this EA, now I know backtest results are very similar as the real trading, except for zigzags.

    deankenny 2017.09.07 17:22 

    I came in with high hopes, I set the EA to only moderate standard risk settings, my 2nd day with the EA made a loss of 13% in 1 day, with some pretty reckless trading, opening losers on top of losers, one after the other. I was assured in the comments section this is a 1 off, and happens once a year, even if that. So I let it be, and less than a month later, I have suffered another 11% loss in 30 mins of trading, yes that's right, 30 mins. Reckless would be an understatement. I should've never listened to the comments, and known anything or anyone that can lose 13% in 1 single day, is something to run as far away from as you can!!

    albandar 2017.08.15 17:10 

    Losing every day is very bad

    Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 2017.08.13 10:01 

    Great long term EA. Joel is extremely dedicated to updating the EA to ensure its longevity. Support is excellent.

    buvivi 2017.08.11 13:44 

    Anyway, the author's support is good

    Haobo Sun
    Haobo Sun 2017.08.09 09:31 


    Wim Schrynemakers
    Wim Schrynemakers 2017.07.19 07:55 

    Even though I'm a "competing EA seller" on the MQL5 market,Good products deserve good ratings on MQL5.

    Especially when they are surrounded by so much rubbish.

    Being an EA developer myself for more than 15 years, I know what qualities to look for in EA's.

    This is one of the few EA's on the market that actually has a logical algorithm. no too many whissles and bells, but simple effective strategy.

    Main thing is, it performs on live accounts, like it does on backtests, which validate the backtests.

    For now performance is very steady. Ofcourse there are periods of stagnation/DD, but that is part of Forex.

    Only negative thing that comes to mind, is that backtests before 2007 are no so good, which opens up the possibility of how it will perform if markets go back behaving like those years. But as I said, for now the EA performing excellent and I'm not affraid to just let it run without looking at it for many days.

    The EA uses no risky methods like grid or martingale, and every trade has a safe SL distance.

    This is a long term EA, and a bit more expensive than most others, so it will probably be not everyone's cup of thee. But if you are in forex for the long term, this might be a good option to add to your portfolio.

    Christian Astillero
    Christian Astillero 2017.07.13 15:12 

    The most professional EA of mql. You only have to see the author's live account to see that it is a winning EA. No products without a live account that only sell smoke. Joel is a great professional . Handling this EA is very easy and does not require any maintenance.

    Verner Nielsen
    Verner Nielsen 2017.06.06 22:35 

    I have been using SFE PA for about 6 months. The result is very good depending from broker to broker but around 10% p.m.

    Update 24.6.16: Brexit gave me 7.7% gain on my account in one day. This is the only bot I know of, that handles almost every market situation as good as possible.

    Update 5.6.17: I am not using it anymore for the moment as it has periods of DD over several months and I can't handle that psychologically.

    Андрей Пучков
    Андрей Пучков 2017.05.16 12:11 

    Брал тестовую версию на 1 месяц, робот открывает очень мало сделок, пересиживает просадку и закрывает около нуля или небольшой минус, а цена идёт к его тейкам где он открывается снова и повторяет алгоритм слива. Использовал настройки по умолчанию.

    Juarez Felipi
    Juarez Felipi 2017.04.03 04:34 

    Excellent. Five stars.

    Yw Wh
    Yw Wh 2017.03.26 04:00 

    EA is very good, when to develop MT5 version

    219630001 2017.03.14 09:28 

    Can you upload the presets for the last new vision 2.3

    fxtrader888 2017.02.27 16:37 

    best EA for long term growth for those who want to invest and dont want to be a "speculator" top EA!

    clator 2017.02.22 20:32 

    5 stars to this powerful EA. Cheers!!

    Xiaolang Pan
    Xiaolang Pan 2017.02.10 04:02 


    2017/2/10 在两个实盘上测试light模式,稳定盈利,五星

    Joaquin Garzon
    Joaquin Garzon 2016.09.30 15:32 

    very good job, has great potential. I'm starting to enjoy its benefits, thanks.

    Roy Fleur
    Roy Fleur 2016.09.26 09:37 

    I use this EA since the 9th of July (2,5 months so far) and it made a total loss of more than $700,- with the default settings. Using IC markets, 0.01 lot with a 40ms VPS.

    First of all I would like to say that Joel seems to be a nice guy. Always replies quick to PM and he always reassure when a bad market move happened.

    Nonetheless this EA has been a bad investment so far. I have 2 weeks left of my rental so I need a miracle to end up with profits.

    I would definitely not recommend to rent this EA for a period of 3 month or shorter, although this is what Joel recommend to see the potential of the EA.

    This is why I give this EA 1 star. If a miracle happens I will update my review.

    Ugur Oezcan
    Ugur Oezcan 2016.09.21 21:02 

    I use this expert until two months. I lose nearly every day. Autors signal lose also . some days I had small profits. but when you lose, you lose big summ Today over 1.000 euro. I had almost better price as autors signal. unfurnutelly does not help. i used also ic markets and vps wit mit 3ms ping time.

    You can make your Product expensive. So blieve a lot of People the quality. there are other experts more profitable for very very better price.

    Danish_Trader 2016.08.31 15:01 

    I haven't found this EA profitable and it underperform badly compared to the author's signal

    Ahmet Minaz
    Ahmet Minaz 2016.07.20 11:03 

    Best robot.

    Bart Van Herck
    Bart Van Herck 2016.06.20 18:01 

    20/06/2016 : I just hired this EA and I am really amazed by the results on my Real IC markets account. It made me like 1300 Euro on the 3th day on 25% Balance risk on all time frames and pairs. I can only say its a really nice EA with a great and safe history. It drives on Volatility so be patient, It will not always be profitable but when volatility hits, It just takes money out of the market.

    My Results: (Mixed results with other signals) : http://myfxbook.com/members/Tripzor

    I will keep updating this Review.

    shawnnny 2016.05.24 08:45 

    User didn't leave any comment to the rating

    Julio Gutierrez
    Julio Gutierrez 2016.04.19 20:47 

    Great product. Joel is very fast at giving support and is always there if you have a question.

    Myfxbook links are up to date and the backtests at 99.90 are giving strong profit.

    Been trading a couple of days live with the EA and so far so good. Recommended!

    Vincent Visoiu
    Vincent Visoiu 2016.01.27 18:30 

    Very good seller and developer. I bought the expert and had several questions about setting it up for my real account and the seller was very helpful and responsive. The live performance matches TDS 99% backtesting. Runs great on a low spec VPS due to low CPU resources and is still able to trade 14 pairs on multiple timeframes from one chart. Great programming! I would highly recommend this product and this developer. One of the best on MQL5.com.

    Ryan Mann
    Ryan Mann 2015.12.31 14:10 

    This is safest and probably best EA for realistic long term growth through and EA you can get! Doesn't handle broker with requote or off quotes though so need to make sure you using instant execution.

    hamza2012 2015.06.19 14:35 

    Excellent result on my Octafx Real account,

    Version 5.1 2020.06.19
    - internal minor changes
    Version 5.0 2020.06.09
    - General improvements
    Version 4.1 2020.06.01
    - minor internal changes
    Version 4.0 2020.03.26
    The main changes are:

    - The EA only must be attached to 1 M5 timeframe chart
    - New risk mode (percentage risk / position)
    Version 3.1 2019.10.20
    - Rebalancing of the internal systems
    Version 3.0 2018.12.04
    - big improvement of the setup conditions
    - selection of default pairs / timeframes updated
    Version 2.6 2018.06.28
    - usage of reversal trades reduced to the next pairs: EURAUD, XAUUSD, EURJPY, EURUSD and USDCHF.
    - added option to disable reversal trades.
    - added GBPAUD and GBPCAD pairs.
    - added the option to track the orders opening conditions (spread and slippage).
    - added the option to close trades on Friday.
    Version 2.5 2017.08.21
    - parameter Disable_Day added. For disable open new orders the desired days.
    - parameter Autolot_Balance_Percentage, limit increased from 100 to 500. Be careful if use > 100.
    Version 2.4 2017.05.11
    Fix of an error message when a size of 0.01 lots is used.
    Version 2.3 2017.03.13
    - improved new unique mode, substituting normal and light mode
    - handle of the trading sessions improved.
    - autolot feature improved.
    - information panel added.
    - customized comment option added.
    - some minor execution problems fixed.
    Version 2.2 2015.09.22
    - bug 'divided by zero' solved. Happens when there is some problem with historical prices of the symbol. This was not a critical error in real market, but it cancels the backtest for some users.
    Version 2.1 2015.08.11

    - SINGLE CHART MODE added!! With this mode enabled, you can run your selection of the 15 pairs recommended with only 1 chart opened for every timeframe (M5,M15,M30,H1). Then, from now, you only need to attach the expert to four charts!
    Using the single chart mode, you will get the next benefits:
    * very low consume of MT4 resources
    * easy management of the parameters
    * less orders sent to the broker at same time, getting less errors in the execution of the orders.

    - Some pairs, specially XAUUSD, and some kind of trades, has been rebalanced to get a better distribuition of weights between the different pairs and strategies.
    Version 2.0 2015.07.21
    - General revision of all the algorithms resulting in a better performance.

    - The number of simultaneous trades has been reduced in general, and a 'light' mode has introduced, opening only 1 trade for every signal, designed for these accounts with low balance or brokers which don't allow a big number of open trades at same time.

    - Revised list of recommended pairs and timeframes (see the comments on Inputs tab).

    - The 'GMT-Offset' parameter is replaced by 'Server-End-Trade-NY-Session-Hour' parameter, which is more easy to check and in general is the same all the year.

    - Added 'autolot' option.
    Version 1.5 2014.12.03
    This is a major update which has focus on three aspects:
    1. control of extreme market conditions for not to enter.
    2. control of number, length and duration of trades, for decrease the exposition when you run all symbols and timeframes recommended. You will notice that the trades will be resolved in less time than previous versions, and the number of simultaneous trades has reduced.
    The recommended size of trades is 0.01 lots for every 2.500 $ of balance, as you can see on monitored signals.
    3. some internal changes in the way of measure the price action levels. This result in more balanced selection of trades with better results along different environments.

    added variable:
    news_action: If you want to force trade, no matter what default trading hours are, put this value in 1
    removed variable:
    modes: modes internally handled now, only run the modes with more than +2.0 profit factor on the backtest.
    Version 1.4 2014.10.01
    The changes on this version are:
    - Avoid counter trend entries if the system detects that there is a very strong movement in the other direction.
    - Change of the SL strategy of the system 4 for try to not get caught when there is a pullback.

    As a result of these changes, here are an example of the performance improvements:
    Profits Factors:
    EURUSD(5 min) : 1,96 to 2,42
    EURUSD(15 min) : 2,05 to 2,45
    GBPUSD(5 min) : 1,77 to 1,96
    GBPUSD(15 min) : 1,93 to 2,19
    XAUUSD(5 min) : 2,64 to 3,15
    XAUUSD(15 min) : 1,82 to 2,30