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Traders Work Space

Hello Traders, hope you are searching for something to make your forex trading platform more special. Here it is. Since mental stress plays an important role in success trading, one should be clear about the trading decision he/she is about to take. As a forex trader we all are familiar that Technical Analysis play a major role in profit trading where as a major role in Technical Analysis is played by Indicators.

Every Successful Trader and Losing Trader uses the same Indicator, but the only way both differs is that how they make use of the indicator and signal. To make it more clear here comes the Traders Work Space. As the name itself defines, the panel is designed in such a way to make your trading platform a professional Trading Work Space. Every features can be customized by your own.

As of now, the features available are.

1. Account Information

  • Get your real time equity straight to the trading screen. Save terminal space (Ctrl+T).
  • Get your real time profit percentage, useful for those who takes care of money management.
  • The total floating volume make you understand how risk you are taking and how risk you can take further. The total pips floating makes you understand how long the market has moved.

2. Currency Strength

  • Know your currency strength.
  • Compare with other currency.
  • Get attractive strength bar.

3. High Low Indicator

  • Find the highest and lowest among the last no of candles.
  • Give customized color for the line.
  • Customize with the user defined limit.

4. Pattern Indicator

  • Get to know the patterns that are forming without your knowledge make use of it wisely.
  • Doji, Hammer, Shooting Star.
  • Customize your required patterns.
5. Pivot Indicator
  • Make use of the most famous Pivot Indicator which is widely used among Banks and Financial Institutions for Day trading.
  • Change color for each levels and identify easily.

6. Trend Finder

  • Find the trend for each time frame.
  • Compare with other timeframes.
  • Decide the trend with most followed.

Last but not least, features are being updated. Also you can customize the look, view and position of panels and can even switch off the particular panel as you wish.

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