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Basket MRT

The martingale is one of the most famous mathematical methods in this market, but its high risk level always causes big amounts of loss. Traders use a variety of methods to lower the risk. In this Expert Advisor, the martingale risk is lowered by the following methods:

  • Simultaneous use of several pairs
  • Anti-martingale
  • Dividing the positions
  • Opening the breakout positions repeatedly 
  • Editing positions based on the last position

Input items have been simplified so the user can make desired changes easily.


Remember if you have four buy positions, the amount of TAKE PROFIT or STOP LOSS of all of them should be set according to the amount the user has set for the fourth one.
  • Gap1_Buystop, Gap2_Buystop...Gap20_Buystop: Buy Stop orders, distance from this position to the next one.
  • Takeprofit1_Buystop, Takeprofit2_Buystop...Takeprofit20_Buystop: Buy Stop orders take profit.
  • Stoploss1_Buystop, Stoploss2_Buystop... Stoploss20_Buystop: Buy Stop orders stop loss.
  • Lotsize1_Buystop, Lotsize2_Buystop... Lotsize20_Buystop: Buy Stop orders lot size.
  • Gap1_Buylimit, Gap2_Buylimit... Gap20_Buylimit: Buy Limit orders, distance from this position to the next one.
  • Takeprofit1_Buylimit, Takeprofit2_Buylimit...Takeprofit20_Buylimit: Buy Limit orders take profit.
  • Stoploss1_Buylimit, Stoploss2_Buylimit...Stoploss20_Buylimit: Buy Limit orders stop loss.
  • Lotsize1_Buylimit, Lotsize2_Buylimit...Lotsize20_Buylimit: Buy Limit orders lot size.
  • Gap1_Sellstop, Gap2_Sellstop...Gap20_Sellstop: Sell Stop orders, distance from this position to the next one.
  • Takeprofit1_Sellstop, Takeprofit2_Sellstop...Takeprofit20_Sellstop: Sell Stop orders take profit.
  • Stoploss1_Sellstop, Stoploss2_Sellstop...Stoploss20_Sellstop: Sell Stop orders stop loss.
  • Lotsize1_Sellstop, Lotsize2_Sellstop...Lotsize20_Sellstop: Sell Stop orders lot size.
  • Gap1_Selllimit, Gap2_Selllimit...Gap20_Selllimit: Sell Limit orders, distance from this position to the next one.
  • Takeprofit1_Selllimit, Takeprofit2_Selllimit...Takeprofit20_Selllimit: Sell Limit orders take profit.
  • Stoploss1_Selllimit, Stoploss2_Selllimit...Stoploss20_Selllimit: Sell Limit orders stop loss.
  • Lotsize1_Selllimit, Lotsize2_Selllimit...Lotsize20_selllimit: Sell Limit orders lot size.
  • Lotfirstbuy: first buy position lot size.
  • Lotfirstsell: first sell position lot size.
  • Takeprofit_pos1: first buy and sell position take profit.
  • Stoploss_pos1: first buy and sell position stop loss.
  • slippage: slippage number.
  • magic: magic number.
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Version 7.0 - 2014.09.30
You can input low distance with this version.
For example, you can have just 5 pip distance between your positions.