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T Connection

The Expert Advisor uses two moving averages to detect a trend and opens positions along it. If the trend changes its direction, the opposite operations are performed. T-Connection has several Money Management systems to suit different types of market.

Main Parameters:

  • Primary MA: main trend meter.
  • Secondary MA: secondary metering trend.
  • Mode of MA: method of calculation of both MA.
  • TakeProfit: pips profit taking. (= 0, don't use).
  • StopLoss: pips loss limit. (= 0, don't use).
  • TrailingStop: adjusting the loss limit, some distance from the current price. To ensure benefits (= 0 don't use).

Money Management Mode:

  • Fixed_Lot: fixed Lots.
  • Direct_Progresion: if the last order is successful the lot decreases; if the last order is unsuccessful, the lot increases.
  • Reverse_Progression: if the last order is successful the lot increases, if the last order is unsuccessful, the lot decreases.
  • Risk_Percentaje: lot calculated on a percentage of lost, taken away by the Stop Loss.

Fixed_Lots: use only when the Money Management Mode = Fixed_Lot.

The next three fields should be used only when Money Management Method = Direct/Reverse_Progression:

  • InitialLot: fixed initial lot of the progression.
  • LotsStep: lot step to increase or decrease the progression.
  • +/- Limit Progression: when the progression reaches +/- this field, it restarts with InitialLot.

For example: InitialLot = 0.20, LotsStep = 0.02, Limit Progression = 0,15. If the progression exceeds 0.35 or 0.05 Lots, it restarts at 0.20.

Risk: use only when the Money Management Mode = Risk_Percentaje. This variable is linked to Stop Loss. Volume is calculated on the basis of the percentage of the account that will be lost if the operation is closed by stop loss. If the StopLoss = 0, the value 100 will be used.

MagicNumber: Expert identification code, use a different number for each copy of the T-Connection you use.

Additional features:

  • Can work on 4 or 5-digit quotes, with the same value of Pip (10 pip = 0.0010 or 0.00100).
  • Works on any symbol and any timeaframe.
  • MagicNumber controls the positions for the same symbol in different timeframes.
  • Displays information on the screen, the status for each MagicNumber position.
  • Martingales are not used. The methods Direct/Reverse_Progression are very easy to control, and increase profits without increasing the risk.
  • Long Term Earnings.
  • Low DD. Lets work on multiple symbols and different TF and diferent MM with little capital.
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