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Tick volume analizer

Tick volume is equal to amount of ticks at the unit of time. There is direct correlation between tick volume and real amount of deals. Every change of the price is a result of a real request to perform a deal. Consequently, fewer requests we have, the less price changes we get, and, as a consequence, tick volume is smaller.

In this case, when big amount of requests appear on the market, price changes happen more often. Big tick volume appears. Tick volume is an important indicator of trading activity at the intraday market. Growth of tick volume lets us determine the moment of increased interest in the price on the traders’ side and tells about market’s desire to trade actively.

Proposed expert-analyzer lets us monitor the tick volume and the real volume in the real-time mode for the symbols, which have these rates. The Expert Advisor displays information at the upper left corner of the graph as the columns with indication of the traders’ level of interest in the instrument and the price at the present moment.

Values from 0 to 2 mean that the currency is very weak. Most of the traders sell it. You should do the same too. If the market is calm and neutral, values of the Expert Advisor are between 3 and 6. Values greater than 6 testify about an increased interest in the currency.

The less is the bar is, the less interest in the instrument presents. Higher bar and values greater than 7 tell us about a high interest in the price and the currency, which is represented by this bar. If the tick volume (volume) indicator exceeds value “7”, sound signal is played and the window with visual signal appears. This tells us that the "driver" with increased interest in it has appeared at the market.

Value of the bars let us determine easily, on which currency side you should trade and which currency you should get rid of. If, for example, the AUD bar is highlighted with the green color and its values are greater more than 7, and at the same moment USD values are less than 2, you should look for the points of entering the long position by the pair AUDUSD.

Usually the values change at the beginning of the European session, at the height of the American one and at the closure of a trading day.

The expert-analyzer will be an excellent addition to any of your templates and set of templates. It will confirm or disprove your desire to enter a position by a financial instrument. It will be a good assistant for intraday-traders.   

Dmitriy Karpushkin
Dmitriy Karpushkin 2013.11.24 10:39 

Хороший анализатор,из разряда musthave, советую!

Version 2.0 2013.11.11
В обновленной версии пердоставлена возможность в настройках изменять угол размещения индикации тиковых и реальных объемов. По-умолчанию - левый верхний угол. Кроме того, есть возможность отрегулировать размещение индикации по вертикальной оси. Изменения сделаны для избежания накладок, если трейдер использует на чарте еще какие-либо нужные ему индикаторы или панели.