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Quick Strategy Builder

Quick Strategy Builder is designed for all traders who want to create, test, troubleshoot and finally use their trading strategy in the shortest time.


1. Select the indicators, set input parameters, add it to the list of indicators.

2. Based on the parameters of each indicator, define your trading strategy in both Long and Short modes.

3. Press the start button.


Additional information about the tool

1. Select an indicator

Candle: to create conditions based on Open, Close, High, Low, Candle Size, Body Size, Up Shadow, Low Shadow

Example: Open > Close     ,       Up Shadow < Body Size

Double: For comparison based on a specific value.

Example: RSI > 70     ,      MACD < 0

2. Set the input parameters of the indicator

3. Specify the desired name for the indicator

4. Add an indicator to the list

5. Remove the indicator from the list

6. List of selected indicators and their parameters

7. [0], [- 1],… [-30]: You can define the desired condition for the candle in the previous n day. [0] means the current candlestick. [-1] means the previous candlestick. [-2] means two candlesticks before…..

One of its uses is to compare values ​​in two consecutive candlesticks. For example, the current candlestick opening price is higher than the previous candlestick closing price is defined as follows:

Candle [0] Open > Candle [-1] Close

8. Operators defined for the conditions.

" -" and " -" operators: In addition to the basic operators, these two operators are defined to simplify the definition of crossing a parameter from certain value.

For example, passing the RSI from below 30 to above it means that in the previous candlestick the RSI was below 30 and in the current candlestick it is above 30. This condition is normally defined as follows:

RSI [-1] "<" 30   AND   RSI [0] ">" 30

Which is defined using this operator as follows.

RSI [0] "▲ -" 30

This means that the RSI of current candlestick crosses above 30. 

9. Custom coefficient for special cases. For example, the size of the current candlestick is twice the size of the previous candlestick.

Candle [0] .BodySize    >    2 * Candle [-1] .BodySize

10. Add the condition to the list of Long or Short conditions

11. Remove from the list of conditions

12. Show the indicator in the chart

13. Double Value

14. Start the strategy and check the conditions in the chart

15. Four strategies defined as examples.

If the chart window size is small, the tool window will be minimized and placed at the top left of the screen. To return to the original state,  first increase the size of the chart windows and then click the restore button.

This version is free and supports 11 standard MetaTrader indicators. May have bugs so please be kind to it.

I'm proud to know your opinion about this tool.

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