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Beat The Market 111

Beat The Market EA it is coded by me.

It can work on any demo or live account for unlimited period of time.
You can use it on any time frame.
If you want to use multiple pairs, then use safer settings.

Lower time frame means higher profit, higher DD

Higher time frame means lower profit, lower DD

Minimum account balance: $100. 

So, use your own settings that you feel comfortable.

The EA is simple and very optimized to grow slowly but steadily. 

Update 1.11 now already having StopLoss so can setting Risk Reward 1:1 or 1:2

- TakeProfit = Take Profit in Pips. The EA first calculates the Break-even level (BE) then add Take Profit in pips to it.
- StopLoss StopLoss in Pips.
- Pip  = The minimum distance (in Pips) between previous opened order and the new one calculated at each new bar open.
- MaxTrade = Maximum number of trades to open in each trading round round till all close on profit.
- Lots    = The starting lot size for the first trade .
- LotMultiplier    = The name describes itself.
- Magic Number = No need to change.

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