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Champ Scalper

Advisor Champ Scalper shows stunning results on the declared working pairs! For the successful operation of the system, you need a broker with fast execution of transactions.

Advisor works in a very specific way. Although trading is conducted around the clock, transactions are made at fairly short intervals. Several orders open and quickly closes, fixing a small number of points.

An undoubted advantage is the installation of the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels by the robot, as transactions often open during strong market movements. It is because of the opening of positions during a strong price movement, on pullbacks and corrections, it is necessary to quickly execute transactions with a broker. This is perhaps the key factor affecting the performance of the adviser!

Of the listed parameters necessary for the successful trading of the adviser, the lowest possible spread will be vital!

The system does Not use the Grid, does Not use martingale and other risky strategies. All trades are protected by StopLoss !

All of the basic algorithms of the adviser have passed multiple tests on historical data over the past 10years, the principle of operation is maximally adapted to the dynamics and volatility of today's market. 



  •  Use VPS server.
  •   Low spreads + low commissions + quality execution.
  •   You can start with an amount 100 dollar.


  •   Magic_ – the number by which the robot will distinguish its orders from strangers;
  •   OrderComment – trade comments that appears in the Trade and Account History tab;
  •   NDDmode – set =TRUE  for brokers that don't accept SL and TP to be sent at the same time as the order;
  •   MaxSpread – max allowed spread in points (1 / 5 pip);
  •   TakeProfit  – TakeProfit from as many points. Default 30 (= 3 pip);
  •   StopLoss –  StopLoss from as many points. Default 200 (= 20 pips);
  •   TrailingStart – start trailing profit from as so many pips. Default 0;
  •   MoneyManagement  -  If TRUE then calculate lot size automatically based on Risk, if False then use ManualLotsize below;
  •   MinLots – minimum lot-size to trade with;
  •   MaxLots – maximum allowed lot-size to trade with;
  •   Risk – risk setting in percentage;
  •   ManualLotsize - Manual lotsize to trade with if MoneyManagement above is set to FALSE;
  •   Volatility_Sensitivity  – how many points should the chart move away from LWMA for the EA to start trading. Suitable values 50/150  ;                                                                                                 

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