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Algorithmic LAB EA


This EA is based on the combination of traditional indicators. It is ready to be configured any way you want... probably the most complete EA's in the entire market.

You can decide from the conditions to enter the market to the management of your own orders and finally the closing system. All of this with an advanced Time filter.


  • Magic Number - This is the identification of the EA, if you want to trade with 2 diferent EA's in the same Symbol you have to put different MagicNumbers in those EA's. 
  • Slippage - The maximum difference when the order is filled at a price that is different to the requested price.
  • EA Name -  You can choose between diferent pokemon names to identify the EA.
  • Indicator 1 - Option to select the first Indicator.
  • Indicator 2 - Option to select the second Indicator.
  • Indicator 3 - Option to select the third Indicator.
  • Indicator 4 - Option to select the fourth Indicator.
  • Indicator 5 - Option to select the fifth Indicator.
  • Indicator 6 - Option to select the sixth Indicator.
  • Match Rate ( % ) - A 100% match rate will give the signal just when all the used indicators coincide, you can adjust that to be less strict.
  • Close at Opposite Signal - If true, the EA will close the trade at the opposite signal.
  • Close after minutes - If true, the EA will close the trade once a certain period of Minutes has passed.
  • Minutes to close - Period of Minutes used to close the trades.
  • Close at Balance Increment  - If set true, the EA will close the trades after a certain percentage of profit.
  • Increment ( % ) - Percentatge of winings to close the trades.
  • Close at Balance Reduction - If set true, the EA will close the trades after a certain percentatge of losing.
  • Reduction ( % ) - Percentatge of losing to close the trades.
  • Minutes Expiration Pending Orders - The number of minutes you want an order to remain pending before the price crosses it. (The maximum expiration will be 1380 minutes / 23 Hours ).
  • Delete Opposite Pendings Orders- It gives you the option to delete the opposite pending orders once the price breaks Entry_Level.
  • Close at Distances - If set true, the EA will place the stoploss, takeprofit, trailing stoploss and break even selected.
  • (ATR) Stoploss - The distance of the StopLoss based on ATR.
  • (ATR) Takeprofit - The distance of the TakeProfit based on ATR.
  • (ATR) TrailingStopLoss - A dynamic Stoploss that follows the price while it goes in the predicted direction, based on ATR.
  • (ATR) Break Even - After certain distance based on ATR the option will move the StopLoss to the entry level.

  • Automatic Lots - If set true, you will use a dynamic lot.
  • Lots every 1000€ - The relation between the balance and lots.
  • Fixed Lot - The Lots will be always the same.

  • Enable Grid - If set true, the EA will be opening trades if the prices moves against our prediction.
  • Step Progresion - The progression of the distance to open new trades.
  • (ATR) First Step - The initial distance for opening trades based on ATR.
  • Increment - The Step added distance if the progresion is Arithmetic.
  • Lot Progression - The progression of the lots for the new trades.
  • Multiplicator Factor - The multiplicator lot system if selected Geometric progression.
  • Maximum Drawdown - The percentatge maximum loses to close trades.
  • Maximum Open Orders - The maximum number of open orders at the same time.
  • Maximum Lot - The maximum lot that the EA will do.
  • Minimum Lot - The minimum lot  that the EA will do.
  • [ FILTER DAYS ] - If set true the EA will open orders on specific days (selected true below). If set false will open orders in any day.
  • [ FILTER HOURS ] - If set true the EA will open orders on specific hours (selected below). If set false will open orders in any hour.
  • [ USE CLOSE] - If set true the EA will close orders at specific hour (selected below). If set false won't close orders by hour filter.
  • INDICATOR 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - Each indicator has customizable parameters and conditions. 


There is some risk involved in using the GRID option with a high Lots to Balance ratio. Try to find a good combination of indicators and conditions and use limits to protect your account.

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Version 2.0 2020.09.15
Now the Break Even and Trailing Stop Loss option works without the need to initially put a Stop Loss