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The BodySizeHistogram analytical indicator is designed to monitor the actual movement of the exchange rate on the body of the candle. The candle body is a universal tool for analyzing the price chart without using indicators that use mathematical formulas. In my view, the body of the candle is almost all that is needed to understand what is happening with the price. This indicator displays the histogram of the bodies of the candles in the points. The higher the histogram, the larger the candle body and Vice versa. The color scheme of the indicator contains an image of the candle impulse strategy when analyzing the growth and fall of the candle body size. If the body of the candle is larger than the previous body, then the candle is considered an impulse one, after which the price may move further in the direction of momentum. This indicator can be used to analyze a specific currency on different currency pairs, which is effective when you want to find moments of strong movement. The indicator has additional functions for easy analysis.
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Version 2.0 2020.09.09
Добавлены алерты и смена цвета обозначения валютной пары в углу индикатора