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This Expert Advisor has a minimum of external parameters. It uses internal market entry algorithms and is a fully automated trading system. It is optimized for EURUSD on timeframes M5, M15, M30. The frequency and accuracy of order opening is regulated by a special variable "OpeningAlgorithm". By setting its value you change the market entry algorithms. Three algorithms are implemented:

  • 1 = A very large number of opened orders, but the accuracy drops significantly;
  • 2 = A balanced mode;
  • 3 = A mode with the most accurate market entry, the accuracy is above 90%, less orders will be opened.

In the "LotRisk" variable, set the starting lot as a percent of deposit; the EA will enter the market with this lot.

The following features are implemented in the Expert Advisors:

  • Automatic detection of decimal places and selection of internal settings.
  • Market entry algorithms;
  • Trailing Stop;
  • Breakeven;
  • Averaging block (a very slight averaging), which is aimed at keeping your balance positive.


  • Recommended deposit is 50$ and more;
  • If you withdraw profit, restart the EA;
  • The robot is designed to work on VPS;
  • Recommended account: ECN+"Instant Execution" or any "Instant Execution" account.
Nabeel Ahmad Ghaitha Abusamhan
Nabeel Ahmad Ghaitha Abusamhan 2016.11.25 02:56 

not like night trade

i hope to upgrade to be good ea

Cagatay Tezsezen
Cagatay Tezsezen 2016.08.15 07:09 

Garbage. Who ever interested in buying this EA, read comments first.

No real account signal. Keep away from this seller. ANd do not trust on 5 star comments. Ask for a history of a real account. There is none.

Version 1.24 2016.01.25
- Reworked the opening algorithm.
- Added the closure and control functions.
- Added the option to trade on multiple currency pairs at once.
Version 1.23 2015.04.03
- Added a new filter to enter the market:
Maximum spread (in points):
Now, if the spread is higher than that specified in the settings, the order will not be opened. This filter allows minimizing traders' losses when opening an order.
- Updated trailing stop. It is more stable now.
- Function ECN removed to be reprocessed.
Version 1.22 2014.09.23
- Added trailing operation.
- Added virtual Trailing Stop and breakeven. It is enabled by "Use virtual trailing:" options (virtual trailing algorithm is slightly different, so now traders can choose). Regardless of the selected trailing, all its settings will work.
- Added averaging aggressiveness setting (from the 1st - most inconsiderable one up to the 3rd - most aggressive one).
- Setting for disabling data display (visualization switcher).
Version 1.21 2014.09.08
- Added "Take Profit" setting.
- Added the possibility to disable Trailing stop using "Include trailing" option.
- Now if you set "Take Profit" or "Stop Loss" to zero, there won't be errors.
- Enhanced "ECN" function.
Version 1.20 2014.09.03
New version's features:
- Adjustable Stop Loss (the setting is applied to all opening algorithms).
- Maximum slippage.
- Special "ECN" option for working with ECN and Market Order (Stop Loss and Take Profit are set after opening an order).
- Added "trailing stop" value and breakeven functions.
- Reconfigured opening algorithms.
- Fixed errors.
Version 1.10 2014.08.12
Added the possibility to manually adjust the algorithm of order opening as well as the possibility to turn off averaging.