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GridCatchCandleLimitOrderOneSymbol is a Grid flat expert Advisor for opening orders from the channel borders to the center. it works on pullbacks from the support and resistance levels, from the custom TMA channel width indicator, with fixed S/L and T / P. The EA is designed to trade off the levels when a particular trend movement, and is no doubt the continuation of the trend, the Levels are shifted automatically with the price based on the channel boundaries and the extreme price deviation for a better opening position, but you are a beginner and still in doubt in the correctness of their actions, it is always better to wait for the best deviation and then enter the market with orders BUYLIMIT ; SELLLIMIT ,as well I think we have created an expert that tracking the overall movement of the price defines the entry point for return from the General trend.

The break – even level (BU) is USED-the concept of the practical part of trading, when the StopLoss of an open position when a certain level of profit is reached is transferred by the trader to the opening price of the contract, thereby making it possible to close the transaction without loss in any circumstances.

Tell us the name of the index, stock, or tool and we will send you a Set file(optimal settings) for our robot for free.777basil@mail.ru

Recommended timeframe for M5 operation. Contacts for communication 777basil@mail.ru we will prepare an expert, an indicator for your task.


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Version 2.14 2020.09.16
Версия Эксперта работает на стандартном комплекте функций МТ5, без дополнительных библиотек,функций и включений
Version 2.12 2020.09.04
Увеличили время отработки усредняющих ордеров до их удаления.
Для примера в версии 2.11 усреднение возможно внутри одного бара
Version 2.11 2020.09.04
подправили сработку ордеров