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EU Compounder

Presenting to you my baby...The EU Compounder. Beautiful.

This EA was designed for use by the financial institutions. The big players. If you want smooth consistent gains on your account, this is the go-to product. 

Free demo version to test it out and confirm the alpha returns made by the EA.


Risk Level - (to control the amount of risk depending on the account balance)

Recommended Setting:

1 = at least $1000 deposit

2 = at least $2000 deposit

3 = at least $3000 deposit

4 = at least $4000 deposit

5 = at least $5000 deposit...

......you get the idea.

Points worth noting:

>Trading in the financial markets requires one to be fully aware of the risks involved.

>Though it serves as good analysis, past profits do not fully guarantee future profits.

>Sometimes you need to have a pull back before you're sprung forward. Same as life.

>Patience pays.

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David Mugo Gathaga
David Mugo Gathaga 2020.09.18 11:28   

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