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Who are we ?

We're a team of 3 french people. One programmer and two traders (one with a finance grade). 

Until now, we only propose our service to companies. Now it's time to share our work with everyone :) 


The One

TheOne is a precise scalping experts who use differents indicators like Bollinger Bands, RSI, Moving averages and Stochastic. Our goal was to create an ea who can work everyday, during big news, and on all markets configurations ! 

This ea was made for investissors who have money ! Don't use this ea if don't have a minimum capital of 10 000€ ! Don't forget that it's a scalping ea who use a precise martingale strategyThis ea can definitely change your life or just create one more passive income if you use it correctly. 


Requirements and Usage

     - Only use the default parameters. We definitely not recommend you to increase any parameters.

     - If you use the ea on 10 000€, use one pair and only EURUSD. You can add a second pair (only AUDUSD) if you've a 20 000€ account. You can use the both pairs on 10 000€ but i'ts more risky.

     - Timeframe : M1 

     - The ea works only during  08:00(UTC+1) and 18:00(UTC+1). If you want to reduce the risk, you can only activate the ea during the european session. 

     - Broker : We only tested our ea on VantageFx and ICmarkets. 



Let the magic happen !

With this ea you don't need to adjust any parameters (just the Start and EndTrade in terms of your location) or anything else. 10 000€, default parameters and that's it. 

Here are the average profits : 

     - average profits (on 10k€) with only EURUSD : 22.4%/month

     - average profits (on 10k€) with EURUSD and AUDUSD : 50.10%/month



You don't believe it ? So try it ;) 


If you've any questions or want more informations, don't hesitate to contact us : gmbhzdrt@gmail.com




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