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Copyist MT4 Universal

Copyist MT4 Universal is a universal trade copier. it runs as an Expert Advisor in a single file without any additional DLLs.

The copier runs both as the provider of trades (master) and the receiver of trades (slave). The EA uses multi-level algorithms, whose main task is to achieve the best possible copy speed.


  • General Mode - Expert Advisor operation mode:
    • Master_Mode - the EA will operate in the Master mode (Source of copied trades)
    • Slave_Mode - the EA will operate in the Slaver mode (receiver of trades)
  • Mode: Super Mode - enabled copying Many<->Many - mode of data transmission from the Master-account.

    The following settings are to be applied to the SLAVE mode. The names of the settings for the Master mode start with [+].

  • [+]Key: master Key transfer data - set any word (or a set of characters), which should be identical in both source and destination Expert Advisors.
  • Account: accept accounts numbers, through separator (,) - the numbers of the accounts, from which trades will be copied.
  • [+]Timer: timer of check of updates - pause (ms) - the frequency of data change checking, in milliseconds.
  • Timer: control check - pause (ms) - the frequency of control checks, in milliseconds.
  • Open: relevance orders (min) - not to copy old orders - deal relevance time, in minutes.
  • Del: to delete prefixes, through separator (,) - prefixes to be deleted form the symbol names on the Master account.
  • Del: to delete suffixes, through separator (,) - suffixes to be deleted from the symbol names on the Master account.
  • Add: to add a prefix to the symbol - the prefixes to be added to the received symbol.
  • Add: to add a suffix to the symbol - the suffixes to be added to the received symbol.
  • Replace: symbols replace, format: Master=Slave, ..., ... - symbols received from the Master account to replace by the specified symbols. (GOLD=XAUUSD, SILVER=XAGUSD и т.д.)
  • [+]Magic: accept Magic numbers, through separator (,) - the filter of the Magic numbers of the orders.
  • [+]Symbol: Symbols, through separator (,) - the filter of symbols.
  • LOT: type dependence on the Master-account - the default type of copied lot for all coped accounts:
    • Fixed_Lot - fixed;
    • Balance_Lot - depends on the balance;
    • Equity_Lot - depends on the equity.
  • LOT: detailed dependence: Account = TypeLot, ..., ..., - the type of a copied lot for specific accounts. Entry format: Account = Copied Lot Type.
  • MULTI: lot multiplication = MULTI * LOT - the factor, by which the lot (resulting from the previous MM settings) will be multiplied when opening a trade.
  • MULTI: detailed multiplication: Account = MULTI, ..., ..., - a factor for separate accounts. Entry format: Account = Factor.
  • Open Best: open orders the best price - enables use of this group of settings - search for the best price to open a deal.
  • Open Best: +pips, to add to best price - the number of points (for 4-digit quotes) to be added to the best price when opening a deal.
  • Open Best: search time(min) best price - best price search time, in minutes.
  • Open Best: time expired - action - the action to be performed by the EA after the best price search time is over (open at the current price or do not open).
  • check in closed orders - enable check through the history of orders
  • TP: copying take profit - copy Take Profit of the deals. Mode check in closed orders should be enabled.
  • TP: pips from TP, - EA waiting the target TP - distance in points (4 digit quotes) from the current price to the target TP, with which a deal has a priority to close by Take Profit.
  • TP: time(min) waiting TP, thereafter close order by current price - time after which a trade should be closed, in minutes.
  • SL: copying stop loss - copy Stop Loss of trades. Mode check in closed orders should be enabled.
  • MIRROR: to mirrors orders Master > Slave - change deal direction when copying.
  • Min %: free margin - for opening orders - free margin tha should be available on the account after a deal is opened.
  • Slippage - acceptable slippage when opening a deal, in points.
  • Open: pause between opening orders(ms) - a pause in order opening, in milliseconds.
  • [+]Print: print additional information in log - an additional setting which allows adding various service data in the EA Journal.
  • [+]Print: print language in log - the language of logs: English or Russian.
  • separator - separator character used to separate accounts, suffices, prefixes, etc.


The copier Expert Advisor informs the user of its operation by displaying visual information on the chart where it is running, and in the EA Journal.

In the Master mode, the EA displays a comment in the upper left corner of the chart. The comment contains the following information: time of the latest data transmission, operation mode, number of passed orders, duration of data transfer.

In the Slave mode:

  • A comment and information on the EA readiness is displayed in the upper left corner of the chart.
  • Information on the operation modes and speed in milliseconds is displayed in the lower left corner.
  • Open - speed of reading data from a Mater account.
  • Check - speed of processing, comparison of Master account orders and Slave account orders, and creating a list of actions to be taken on the Slave account to synchronize data.
  • Broker - the speed of request processing by the broker.
  • Information on the copied Master accounts is displayed in the lower right corner. If the text is green, the Master account is connected, if it's red - no connection, if blue - copied data might be out of date.
  • Copy Accounts - information about the broker, number of the Mastre account, lot type and the factor.
  • master - the number of orders on the Master account.
  • ALL - the number of available orders to be opened on the Slave account.
  • open - the number of orders opened based on the Master account data. If the text is red, it means there are orders that cannot be opened, since their relevance time has expired.
  • cl F - the number of early closed orders on the Slave account. The number of orders that were closed manually or by TP/SL earlier than they were closed on the Master account.
  • WAITING open - the number of orders awaiting to be opened at the best price or free margin to be enough, while the same orders have already been opened on the Master account.
  • WAITING close - the number of orders waiting to be closed by TP, while the same orders have already been closed on the Master account.
  • last time - the time of the latest read data from the Master account.
waynet 2018.12.26 10:45 

Be careful installing this copier, I suddenly had 175 trades open with no explanation. Very difficult to understand the settings, I personally wont be using it, too dangerous.

agopriarolo 2018.10.08 20:08 


Atip Chaopraya
Atip Chaopraya 2018.09.10 19:16 

Really good

Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo
Luigi Salvatores Buigues Morillo 2018.07.09 23:46 

-6000e icompatible con otros EA de bloqueo de equida y control.me hizo una perdida en un 3min de -6000e no lo recomiendo losiento pero me llevado un chasco con este ea saludos

Juan Carlos Velez Hernandez
Juan Carlos Velez Hernandez 2018.07.06 01:52 

Simplemente excelente.

KIIm 2018.07.04 18:20 

Great product and Extremely great support

Yoga Arief Satriya
Yoga Arief Satriya 2018.05.20 10:17 

Ruarrr Biasa sangat membantu

Hakan Halil Akgül
Hakan Halil Akgül 2018.03.03 00:58   

very good and cheap for copy trade ..

i like..

Excel Jemmy Saputra
Excel Jemmy Saputra 2018.02.18 23:32 

Sangat bagus dan sangat saya rekomendasikan, It's great

tomm73 2017.10.24 17:48 

Very good and very fast. Can handle complex scenarios. And the author is very helpful. Go and buy it!

Ashok Nale
Ashok Nale 2017.10.19 17:43 

excellent trade copier with lot of useful features.

BendalloyTrader 2017.08.24 19:57 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Jacob Bruno
Jacob Bruno 2017.08.11 22:02 


Bambang Arief
Bambang Arief 2017.07.24 13:44 

Excellent product! Supportive seller.

More than just copier system, it has many options to work like I really need.

Josh Jay
Josh Jay 2017.06.16 14:25 

5 stars because it paid for itself after few hours of purchasing. Seamless performance and affordable. Do not hesitate to purchase if you need a local MT4 copier.

Hisayoshi Muramatsu
Hisayoshi Muramatsu 2017.05.29 03:33 

Good EA.No problem.Thank you very much.

Carlos Theodoro
Carlos Theodoro 2017.05.05 23:38 

O produto solucionou meus problemas de lidar com as cópias de contas, promete o que diz, super fácil e rápido. Eu já deveria ter contratado este serviço do Copy antes. - Apenas digo que o vps precisa ser muito bom pois acima de 3 copias ele apresenta uma certa lentidão ou seja precisa ser exclusivo para as operações.

The product solves my problems of copying accounts, promises what it says, super easy and fast. I should have hired this Copy service before. - I just say that the vps needs to be very good because over 3 copies it has a certain slowness or it must be unique to the operations.

Md. Shahadat Hossain
Md. Shahadat Hossain 2017.05.02 09:12 

after using couple of months its doing good for coping market orders, for coping sl/tp some times creates issues.

for copy trade this its a ok type ea, user manual need to be more detailed for better understanding. and should copy pending orders.

facing a issue havent received any reply after 1 day :(

Hakan Ari
Hakan Ari 2017.02.07 15:15 

I use Copyist MT4 Universal at my real accounts. After reading the comments and testing it on my demo accounts with several setups, everything is very clear. Nothing is missing. This is the only copier that fulfills my all necessities. Thanks to Ihar Dubadzelau for his extremely robust expert. My advise is do not loose money and time with the others. Buy this one and study all settings seriously before using it at your real accounts.

Brett Jones
Brett Jones 2016.09.10 07:16   

Hi I can't get it to run with the settings posted. Can you help please?

het print
het print 2016.07.13 09:48 

This has a bug in partial lot closer.This was working fine until partial closure happened on my account.my whole account got fucked up within 10 mins, it just kept creating positions in infinite loop.

Sergey Genikhov
Sergey Genikhov 2016.05.25 17:10 

Very good and smart copier.

Jin Zhou
Jin Zhou 2016.05.19 13:42   

hello! IHAR! can you help me ? i bought your Copyist MT4 Universal , and use it in VPS . but i dont know how to use it. can you help me ? Thanks!

onlinerunner 2016.03.07 21:36 

A great product plus you get fantastic support from the developer, highly recommended.

Osama Shaban
Osama Shaban 2016.02.01 19:17 

GREAT ... I like it but I ask the coder to write details in pdf file. That will help him and us :) ...

Very cheap ... Efficient ... Works as it must do ... Keep the good work going on :)

Lee Bryant
Lee Bryant 2015.08.11 04:45 

Great copier with all the options I need

20233035 2015.06.07 19:33 

Excellent product - it has everything the regular users needs! Igor (the author) also provided excellent and timely support by Skype. Thanks you Igor!

Ozer Ozalpak
Ozer Ozalpak 2015.05.20 02:29 


sniperrr 2015.05.19 12:30 

Отличный копировщик, простой в настройках и за смешные деньги!!!

Sheikh Mohammad Mosabbir Hossain
Sheikh Mohammad Mosabbir Hossain 2015.05.17 07:17 

It's Nice for copy trading, But need to understand before using, i received good support from the seller.

cwave 2015.05.02 22:55 

Easy as can be and you can't beat the price. Good show!

frankrty 2015.04.14 05:28 

I likelike

affordable price !!!

maxim101 2015.03.30 18:07 

Отличный копировщик! Пожалуй, один из лучших, тем более, за такие деньги.

Version 2.20 2015.06.02
1. Expanded functions of the lot type selection mode, added a new lot type – Set-Lot:
LOT: type dependence on the Master-account - the default type of copied lot for all coped accounts:
* Fixed_Lot - fixed;
* Balance_Lot - depends on the balance;
* Equity_Lot - depends on the equity.
* Set_Lot – set fixed lot.
(Adjusted by an additional setting - Fixed LOT for mode Set_Lot – where fixed lot size is set. This lot will be used on the Slave account)
2. Added the mode of order partial closing
* Enable Partial Close - allows to close orders partially on the Slave account;
(Warning! If you use this mode, you need to provide opening of the required history of deals, as the initial order ticket is looked for using the history of partial closing)