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Copyist MT4 Master

Copyist MT4 Master is a copier of trades (source) to be installed on the account, from which you want to copy deals.


  • Key: Master Key transfer data - set any word (or a set of characters), which should be identical with the corresponding parameter in the trade receiver Slave-copier EA.
  • Timer: (ms) - frequency of change orders - the frequency of order change checking, in milliseconds.
  • Mode: Super Mode - enabled copying Many<->Many - mode of data transmission from the Master-account.
  • Magic: transfer Magic numbers, through separator (,) - the filter of passed Magic numbers of orders.
  • Symbol: transfer Symbols, through separator (,) - the filter of passed symbols.
  • Print: print additional information in log - an additional setting which allows adding various service data in the EA Journal.
  • Print: print language in log - The language of logs: English or Russian.

The Master-copier Expert Advisor informs the user of its operation in the upper left corner of the chart. The comments contain the following data:

  • The time of the last data transmission
  • Mode of operation
  • The number of transmitted orders
  • Time (in milliseconds), during which data was transmitted
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