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Kings of FX Robots

Good day,

We are happy to offer you an EA robot created by us, which has very good and quality results. We believe that this will help you with trading. Thanks to the features, the price is set very low. We have different settings of the FX robot, it all depends on the capital. You will receive all settings and recommendations from us.

Join our chat group on the telegram. We add indicators for free there and we all help each other there.


You can choose one gift for each lifetime license !

      1. 5 hours of technical analysis course. ($ 300 value)

       2. Work course in MT4, which lasts an hour. (Value $ 200)

       3. Bot trader agent (value $ 100)


  • Every trade is protected by stop-loss

  • The EA is not sensitive to spread or broker, you may chose any broker you trust to

  • No dangerous money management are used 

  • Good resistance to unexpected market events

  • • The EA is very easy to setup and use (inc. manual ,video manual and setings)


 Best Time frame:M30

  • Fixed Order Size - fixed trading lot ( in settings folder)
  • Multiplayer - multiplayer lot size for second trade
  • Step - how many pips is between first and second trade
  • Take profit - after how many pips will take profit
  • Stop loss - Will protect your account
  • Max trade each site - how many trades will open
  • Magic number - can be use it with the other ea
  • Trailing stop loss on/of - true/falsk you can make a decision about the trialling stop loss
  • Trailing stop pips - when training will start
  • Trailing step - how far trailing stoploss will be
  • Pairs - EA have 13 pairs in memory. From those pairs will find two the best pairs in the trend and start trading.
  • Max pair trades - you make decision how many pairs on the one time EA will trade
  • Comment - each trade will have a comment name or number
  • Filter trading time - true/falsh
  • Time start time end


I provide you with the links below.

Telegram contact.


Results group.


Chat for members.

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