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The Eksuper is an advanced and multi-purpose indicator used for trend identification and trend following. It hints to where the price would be expected, which makes the indicator more responsive than many trend following indicators.

The Eksuper helps in identifying new trends with advanced Algorithm. The main advantages are the precision and simplicity it offers for traders to find entry and exit points, as well as the direction of the trend, moving forward.


  • Whenever the price touches the Channel’s upper resistance and lower support levels (both the Blue and/or the Yellow levels), you can expect the price action to change direction.
  • You should place a stop loss order few pips above the sell entry and below the buy entry, as any close above or below the extreme lines of the channel invalidates the entry.
  • Usually, take profit is places on the opposite side of the channel, or any target of your choice.
  • PS : Only use in direction of trend for optimum results.


Preferably 1 hour and 4 hour time frame.

Use on any currency or asset of choice.

Use with default setting.

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