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Hidden Gap Free

This expert advisor joins 18 strategies on crosses and changes, each of them identify a gap on specific custom sessions and try to close the gap.

All the parameters are in the code so you can select only the size used for each strategies the base magic number: the real magic numbers used strating from base+1 to base+18.

You can specify also the "Suffix" parameters, a special char following the name of the cross in some brokers (eg: EURUSD.  EURUSD#   EURUSDm)

You can also activate/deactivate every strategy (I suggest to keep all active).

To ativate the EA, simply install it on the EURUSD chart.

This EA works only on hedge account.

This is the a free version of the Hidden Gap multicurrency expert advisor (https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/53273).

In this version only the AUDJPY strategy 1 is active with 0.01 lots.

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