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CEF Visitor

Completely automated intelligent hybrid EA uses multiple time proven strategies to maintain a consistent edge in all market conditions.

No dangerous  scalping, Grid, or martingale strategies. 

Operation is on the EURUSD 5 Minute Chart.

Testing Instructions:

  1. Download FREE demo now!
  2. Test on EURUSD M5 Timeframe for last 5 years!
  3. Enjoy Long Term Financial Freedom!

Professional Trading Tool!

Long Term Awesome. Set and forget. 

No Grid, No Martingale, No Blown Accounts! Not Ever! 

  • Enable Strategy One
  • Max Open Positions
  • Use Money Management
  • Risk Setting
  • Lot Size
  • M5 Period
  • M15 Period
  • Qualifier
  • Trend MA Period
  • Target Profit S1
  • Stop Loss S1
  • Trail Stop S1
  • Trail Step S1
  • BE Act Pips S1
  • Pips To Lock S1
  • Magic Number S1
  • Enable Strategy Two
  • Use Money management
  • Risk Setting
  • Lot Size
  • Max Open Positions 
  • Fast MA Period
  •  Slow MA Period
  • Target Profit S2
  • Stop Loss S2
  • Trail Stop S2
  • Trail Step S2
  • BE Act Pips S2
  • Pips To Lock S2
  • Magic Number S2
  • Trade NFP Friday
  • Trade Christmas Break
  • Day To Begin Christmas Break
  • Trade New Year Holiday
  • Day To Return After Break
  • Transparent Display
  • Trade Comment
  • Hide Display

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