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Handy Trade Manager MT4 Demo

Handy Trade Manager is a trade assistant panel that helps traders open, modify and close manual trades in a simple and straightforward way to help them

focus more on their market analysis and open orders with just a few clicks.

Handy Trade Manager features:

  •       Works on all instruments such as currency pairs, CFD, metals, cryptocurrencies, etc.
  •       Proper money management with built in money manager that includes five lot calculation modes.
  •       Supports market and pending orders plus trailing stop, breakeven, multiple partial close, multiple trades at once with different take profits and more.
  •       Visual setup of order properties such as open price, stop loss, take profit, trailing stop, breakeven, partial close with lines.
  •       Modify properties of running trades visually with lines.
  •       View interactive info including potential profit and loss based on risk settings before placing or modifying orders.
  •       Easy to use trade panel organized for fast and simple access to core functions.
  •       Optional confirmation dialog before opening/altering trades to avoid common mistakes.

This is the Demo version of Handy Trade Manager MT4. It works only on Demo/Contest accounts.

Quick Start Guide

Placing a trade:

  1. In Open tab click on Show Lines button. Set enter, stop loss, and take profit lines at desired levels.
  2. Set risk calculator mode to one of the five available modes: percent balance, percent equity, percent free margin, cash amount or fixed lot size.
  3. Set risk value according to the selected risk mode.
  4. Click on Buy or Sell button. Buy and Sell button texts will be updated based on the place of lines between 6 order types.

Add Breakeven line:

  1. Before click on buy or sell button you can set a breakeven line by clicking on "+BE" button.
  2. When price hits this level order stop loss will be moved to open price.

Add Trailing Stop lines:

  1. By clicking on "+TS" you see two lines named trailing start and trailing size.
  2. Set trailing start line on price that you want to activate trailing stop.
  3. Set trailing size line relative to trailing start line based on the desired distance between stop loss and current price after trailing activation.
  4. The default trailing step is 10 points. You can change that in expert properties.

Add more take profit lines:

  1. By clicking on "+TP" button you can add and set take profit lines in whatever number that you want.
  2. When you set multiple take profits trade manager opens multiple trades at once with different take profits.
  3. If the risk mode is Fixed Lot the lot size of trades will be the lot value that you specified but if you set lot calculator mode to other four modes for example Percent Balance, trade manager splits the calculated lot size between the number of trades.

Add Partial Close lines:

  1. You can add partial close lines with "+PC" button. Set the line at desired level.
  2. It can be set as profit partial close or loss partial close. You will see line color changes when you drag the line above and below the entry price line.

Modifying a trade:

  1. In the Modify tab by clicking on Select Order button if there is available order it will be selected and all of the properties lines of that order will show up.
  2. Add, remove, change any of the lines then click on Apply button.
  3. By clicking select button several times you can cycle through available orders of current symbol.

Closing trades:

    1. In the Close tab select an order in the same way as in Modify tab then close it entirely or part of it by clicking on appropriate button.
    2. There are also buttons for close orders in a group based on profit/loss, buys/sells, close/delete all, etc.

      EA settings:

      • In the expert advisor properties window, you can set pending order expiration, trailing step, slippage, order comment, line snap option, confirmation dialog activation, panel scale, panel font size, and EA magic number. 
      • To work with orders that you did not open with this manager set the magic number to 0.

      Note: For breakeven, trailing stop, and partial close settings to work, the manager must be running.

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      Version 1.20 2020.08.27
      -New option in the expert properties window:
      "Line Snap Mode" with 5 modes:
      - Take Profit Reward to Risk Ratio
      - Fixed points from entry line
      - Fixed points from Bid price
      - Take Profit to market price distance divider
      - Stop Loss to market price distance divider
      Select one mode and enter its value to the "Line Snap Value" field.

      -The default line snap and new modes are now consistent in all symbols/timeframes.
      -Line info readability improved where lines are close to or on top of each other.
      Version 1.12 2020.08.21
      Fixed a bug on panel minimize/maximize function.
      Version 1.11 2020.08.12
      Minor bug fixed.
      Version 1.10 2020.08.11
      Code Optimization.