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The Listener

A Simple concept, suitable for beginners. Only just follow the EA's instructions. You can start trade like a professional. Now it can be applied for both fundamental method & technical method.

Important things to start trade are:

  • Use MT5's calendar for observe an event at its previous release by clicking  its row. It's done for mapping  "when" its  highest & lowest  level (Resistance & Support level). Then to make predictions for the next its release. 
    • If using technical method always Optimized before use it or every changes pairs currency.

      Below is the table of applying features . The cross is applicable.

      Feature  Event an hour before 2 hours before 5 hours before After release
      Listening mode  clear event
      Auto pilot  unclear event

      All day  clear or unclear
      Exact datetime  clear or unclear

      Trend mode  clear or unclear

      Swing mode  clear or unclear



      • clear event     : Forecast & Previous value column are added complete data.
      • unclear event  : Forecast & Previous value column are incomplete data. Usually at speech events,  Interest rate decision etc.

      Some tips for choosing significant events :

      • If an event has a revision, it is tentative that this kind of news should be ignored or not chosen.
      • There are several events with a swinging trend, meaning that when the forecast or actual value has been concluded, the EA trend is actually in the same direction but first swings in the opposite direction, then in the same direction. This can be applied to swing techniques. There are also those that are directly unidirectional. Then the Trend technique can be applied.
      • Stale news, namely that it has leaked in the market so that the trend is deviating or flat. It should also be avoided not to choose.

        Below is table for predict  an Impact Type as forecast value manually.

        Description Impact Type
        If Forecast value > Previous value
        If Forecast value < Previous value 
        If Forecast value = Previous value 
        CALENDAR_IMPACT_NA = Impact is not set  the EA is off 



        • An Impact Type is significant if The difference between the two is large. It's can be used for determine an Impact Type.
        • The "unidirectional" for an event that have positive impact to an Exchange rate. The "opposite" for an event that have negative impact.

        The prediction is applicable for 2 to 5 hours before an event is released or when its release & afterward, the strategy are:

        The approach phase : 

        • To determine "the Resistance & Support level" for take its advantage. 
        • It can be applied the Swing technique by selecting the impact type according to the instructions from the Experts tab message.

        The opening phase:

        • An opening can be done using Listening mode by using both the Trend & Swing technique.
        • Until the next limit there will be a closing close to the event release.

        Corrections phase:

        • The opening or closing can be done to take profits or prevent losses when an event is released.
        • When there is an opening, if from the message in the Experts tab the trend changes direction or contradicts the forecast value, immediately a closing must be made and the opening in the new direction can be done.

        Applying technical method

        The Listener can be used if no release an event. This is a new feature for maximize monthly profits . The applying can get advantage of an open or close financial markets or none. The movement both open or close markets as a trend that can make profits. Its launch the best at Resistance or Support levels, or if using timing launch it to follow the fibonachi time zone  and pull the trend line. The feature that can be used are : Auto pilot by using the smart technique only and the time mode is "All day", time frame >=M15.

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