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Telegram Copier Trade MT4

Copy Signal/Trading  From Telegram Direct to MT4

Telegram Copier is an EA developed to automate Signal from Telegram Direct to your Meta Trader 4. It  can be customizes with the latest type of signals detection to match your signal provider format. All trade executions are instant and provide with the latest Updated version with more powerful and useful features. 

At a glance the EA Settings:

Running MODE:

ALERT MODE :  This EA allows Checking Signal Provider Format by giving an Alert together with Send Order to confirm the correctness of the signal in ALERT MODE.

LIVE MODE :  After several checked, and you have confirmed the correctness of reading the provider signal, you can save .set file, in order to be used later once you run in LIVE MODE. In LIVE MODE, no more Alert will be appear, its only copy successful Trade.

Note : Both are still send order to MT4 for the successful Reading the Signal

Starting Lot :

Default Lot for Each of Detection for Successful Trade

Magic Number:

If you attached TELEGRAM COPIER on different chart to be used for different Channel, it is recommended that each EA used different Magic Number in order to allow EA handle Order separately.

Suffix (If available) :

If your broker has suffix available in symbol/pair, add to the input Suffix

Keyword SET Do not Proceed/Process:

Keyword that will stop processing once it was detected in the Latest Message. Leave it “empty” if you not require any keyword to stop EA from processing Latest Message.

Symbol Detection :

Few Criteria have been set to match with all type of symbol detections:

Order Type Detection :

6 Type of Order Detections have been set to this EA, the keyword must match to the Signal Provider Format and its case sensitive, if more than one keyword require put “-“ as separation.

Applicable to Take Profit or Stop Loss Only :

On this updated EA, new features have been added to ensure its capable to handle the TP/SL either with/without price or in PIPS/POINTS. 3 options added and explanation as below:

a) No 1. Provider signal Contain Price Only If your provider signal format consists of Price Only, choose this option.

b) No 2. Provider signal Contain Pips/Points Only If your provider signal provides PIPS or POINTS for TP and SL, choose this option.

c) No 3. Provider Signal Mixed Pips/Points and Price If your provider signal mixed between PIPS/POINTS and Price for TP and SL, choose this option.


Once No 2. Or No 3. selected for Applicable to Take Profit or Stop Loss Only, make sure you have confirmed which value that Provider use either in PIPS or in POINTS. This is to ensure TP/SL value return in correct value.

Order Price Detection :

Normally for Order Price Detections is applicable for Pending Orders due to the Price is require in order for EA to open the Pending Order, however some of Signal Provider provide the Price together with Symbol / Buy or Sell Order Type.

More than One Order Type in One Signal :

If the Provider Provides the Signal more than one Type of Order.

For Example:

EURUSD Buy Now @ 1.2111

One More Buy @ 1.1011

TP : 1.3222

SL : 1.0011

Take Profit and Stop Loss keyword Detection :

Take Profit up to 5 Level and can be use similar TP keyword for each level, its unique detections that allow such cases. For Take Profit and Stop Loss if more than one keyword just use ”-“ as separation. 

Use Additional Buy Limit and Sell Limit :

New features added: if you require any additional Order to your BUY or SELL order. You can choose the number of additional orders to be added to every Successful Signal Detection by the EA.

Choose to Close Open Order Only or Both :

Only applicable to the “Close Order Command”, if the EA detected “Close Open Order Keyword” it will close the Orders based below selection

a) 1. Close Open Order Only 

b) 2. Close Open Order & Pending Order 

BreakEven / Close / Close Half / Modify Keywords :

If you require BreakEven / Close / Close Half Modify to manage your Order, set = “true” and input keywords based on your signal provider format.

and many more....

Click below link to download the instruction how to use this Telegram Copier. The instructions well explained with Photo.

Feel free to download the instruction file how to use Telegram Copier as below link.

Please download the instruction how to use Telegram Copier in this Link.


Thank you

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