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It is used to close trades. It will close the trades which you specify in the parameters. Note that this is a script, not an indicator, nor an Expert Advisor. Make sure that Autotrading option is activated in your MetaTrader 4. It will just close the trades on the pair to which is attached.


  1. Close by Magic number (define MagicNumber parameter and activate CloseJustMagic)
  2. CloseBuy parameter - closes only buy trades if true
  3. CloseSell parameter - closes only sell trades if true
  4. CloseBuyStop parameter - deletes only Buy Stop orders if true
  5. CloseSellStop parameter - deletes only Sell Stop orders if true
  6. CloseSellLimit parameter - deletes only Sell Limit orders if true
  7. CloseBuyLimit parameter - deletes only Buy Limit orders if true
  8. Gives alert when it is activated
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