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This tool will help you calculate position size based on the lines that you draw on the chart. It will automatically create the trading setup in the background and provide adaptive buttons for market and pending order confirmation. The design is very simple and straightforward, with just a single click you will be able to place the trading setup.

  • Set your risk based on your predefined amount or percent of your account balance.
  • Drag the lines to define the entry, take profit target and stop loss level.
  • Adaptive trade buttons 
  • Place your trade setup directly with just a single click for both market and pending order

How to Use

  • Add the EA into your chart
  • Set your allowable risk either based on fixed amount or percent of your account balance
  • Show/hide to display the entry, take profit and stop loss lines
  • Drag the lines to adjust your favourable risk/reward
  • Calculated lot size, risk/reward ratio, pending order type, entry, take profit, and stop loss price will be shown and updated automatically
  • Adaptive buttons will be provided in the charts based on the trading setup
  • Click the trade buttons to immediately place your pending or market order

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Version 1.60 2020.08.13
1. Minor correction
Version 1.50 2020.08.12
1. Minor correction
Version 1.40 2020.08.10
1. Minor correction to show/hide the rectangle area when button show/hide activated
Version 1.30 2020.08.04
1. Minor correction
Version 1.20 2020.08.02
1. Provide adaptive buttons
2. Add market order placement feature
3. Move risk setting as the EA parameter
4. Provide user adjustable color for line, area and label
Version 1.10 2020.07.27
1. Minor issue fixed.