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It is a semiautomatic Expert Advisor. It opens a position at the intersection of the trendline, the position of which is set manually. It works with only one position.

A signal to open a position is the following:

  • if the StrongSignal option = true, then crossing the trendline upwards (buy) or downwards (sell),
  • if StrongSignal = false, then closure of the last bar is above or below the line.

Position parameters (lot size, stop loss, take profit) are set in the EA parameters (options Lots, TakeProfit, StopLoss). The EA includes functions for moving the stop loss to breakeven (option Breakeven) and a trailing stop (options TrailingStart, TrailingStop). Additionally, the EA has a simple filter based on moving averages (MA). The filter allows to buy if the fast average is above the slow one, it allows to sell if the fast MA is below the slow one. The following parameters configure the filter:

  • UseMAFilter - enable/disable the filter,
  • FastMAPeriod - fast MA period,
  • FastMAPrice - price for the fast MA calculation,
  • FastMAMode - type of MA,
  • SlowMAPeriod - slow MA period,
  • SlowMAPrice - price for the slow MA calculation,
  • SlowMAMode - type за the slow MA.
Ali irwan
2017.07.26 15:24 


2016.11.18 19:13 

Удобная вещь!!! Спасибо.

Ahmad Bajeaifir
2016.01.21 20:59