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The automatic trading system PowerATR works on the basis of detecting the determination of the price out of its "usual" range for a certain period of time.

At this moment, the expert evaluates the width of the price channel, the strength of the trend, and the distance traveled by the price in excess of the "normal" trading zone.

After opening the first order, the EA monitors further price behavior - if the movement continues - it averages the position and brings the probable level of profit taking closer. If the price returns, the order is closed in profit or loss.

Sell ​​and buy zones are shown on the chart as thicker lines. Order closing levels - in the form of thinner lines (by default - in yellow).
The default settings are suitable for EURUSD m5.
The Step parameter is the "main" parameter in the settings of this Expert Advisor. Optimization of this parameter for each trading instrument will allow the EA to be used on any trading instruments.

The order execution speed is NOT a critical factor that determines the results of the EA's work.


  • Order comments - Comment to orders;
  • Max Risk - Parameter for determining the size of the first trading lot;
  • Lot - If Max Risk = 0, the first lot will be the same as indicated in this field;
  • Step - Step between averaging orders;
  • Multiplication - Trading lot averaging coefficient;
  • Max lot - Limitation of the maximum lot;
  • Max trade - the maximum number of simultaneously opened orders;
  • Take Profit - Take profit;
  • Stop Loss - Stop Loss;
  • Enable Profit percent - Enables closing of all orders with a percentage profit;
  • Profit percent - The amount of profit in percent for closing orders;
  • Close by lines - Activation of closing orders along the yellow lines;
  • Show line levels - Display lines on the chart;
  • Buy line color - line color for purchases;
  • Sell ​​line color - Sell line color;
  • Sell ​​line color - color of order closing lines;
  • Width trade line - Width of trade lines;
  • Width close line - Width of close lines;
  • Mult for Trade - coefficient for ATR trading;
  • Mult for Close - coefficient for ATR closing;
  • ATR periods - ATR period;
  • MA period - MA indicator period;
  • Magic - Magic number to distinguish "their" orders;
  • Slip - Maximum slippage level.
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