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This is a new expert advisor with in-depth training based on artificial intelligence. I've named my advisor like Harold because of a good friend who gave me an idea to improve the mechanics EA. The avatar depicts Harold as a Viking because he is from Sweden.

For using EA I can recommend following currency pairs: EURUSD,USDCHF,USDCAD,GBPUSD. It was trained on FX OPEN server. Recommended timeframe H1

This EA uses neural network for trading. The specifics of neural networks requires a training period by history and a testing outside that training period. A historical test of the Harold EA shows only principle of operation - so try to use forward.

You can use any accounts\brokers.

    • Lots - lot size (if 0.0, then% of the deposit is used);
    • Percent - lot size as% of the current deposit size;
    • Take Profit - Take Profit Size;
    • Stop Loss - Stop Loss Size;
    • TrailingStop - Trailing step size. If 0 -> trailing is turned off;
    • OpenBuySignal - Tolerance to generate a BUY signal;
    • OpenSellSignal - Tolerance to generate a SELL signal;
    • CustCorr\Azy - Parameter for optimization;
    • Grider - martingale strategy. Very risky;
    • GridLots - multiplier for Lot (if 1, then opens an order with the same volume, if 2 then multiply x2);
    • GridStep - price change step in points when an order is opened when the grid is working;
    • GridProfit - total profit of grid orders in points when the grid of orders closes;
    • GridReserse - opening orders in the opposite direction;
    • MaxPosition - maximum order that can be opened at the same time;
    • Magic - magic number for identifying advisor orders;
    • Comments section;
Harold EA starts running at 12 PM.

Wishing you a great trading!

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karleichen 2020.08.26 22:08   

After testing I've come to the conclusion that this ea is hard coded with history. File size is 8758 kb a huge file for a expert adviser. Backtest and forward test cannot be trusted. As soon as it was published the ea has not worked in any way as before. Stay away from this one

Version 1.70 2020.09.14
I've updated and refreshed the data of the neuronet
Version 1.60 2020.09.08
retrained and replaced usdjpy -> usdcad