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Advisor for permanent stable income with minimal risk!

The EA is optimized for trading 3 currency pairs.




Trading is carried out according to the author’s indicator with the MACD indicator filter

The strategy works to quickly open and close orders, if the transaction does not close, then the lossless closing system comes into force with the help of a calm and non-aggressive series of orders.

It is recommended to turn off auto trading on the eve of big holidays, when the exchange closes to exclude long holding orders.

For example: disable trading advisor in the second half of December before the closing of exchange markets for the Christmas holidays.

It is necessary to install the adviser for each currency pair separately, the system itself will determine the trading instrument and apply the necessary parameters.

The EA’s take-profit virtual is not visible to the broker, but for the user it is displayed on the terminal screen with an orange line.

Trading recommendations:

For a deposit of  500$ - 0.01 lots for trading all 3 currency pairs.

Time frame - 1H (required)

1 Martingale is not used.

5 A small number of orders in a series

6 Do not scalping.

7 Not sensitive to news.

The EA has a minimum of settings for ease of use:

Trading Mode:

Long and Short - trade for both sale and purchase (recommended)

Long only - trade only for purchase (recommended if you use additional tools to determine the trend)

Short Only - trade only for sale (recommended if you use additional tools to determine the trend)

Trading Off - No Trading

Slippage - Slippage

Comment - Any comments on the orders of your choice

Magic - magic number

Fixed Lot - size of the traded lot

Good trading!
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Dmitrii Kozachenko
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