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Phoenix MT5

Indicator-free EA, does not use indicators, a grid of orders or martingale. The number of trades per day can be strictly limited, only 1 order can be in the market at a time. Transactions are protected by stop loss, it can be either real or virtual (hidden from the broker). Works during the Asian session, in a calm market. It has built-in protection against slippage and spread expansion. It does not transfer transactions from Monday to Friday, it has the function of automatically closing trading on Friday.

The strategy uses price patterns - this is a universal method for determining the direction of a short-term trend. It has a convenient Money Management, a fixed lot for each N balance. The graph displays trade statistics , growth in tuning and optimization.

The default working timeframe is M5, the symbol is EURUSD. The following pairs are suitable for the EA: GBPUSD, USDCAD, EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD, NZDUSD ...


  • START_HOUR, START_MINUTES - hour and minute of the start of trading;
  • STOP_HOUR, STOP_MINUTES   - hour and minutes of completion of trade;
  • TIMEFRAME_ATR - timeframe for calculating average volatility;
  • PERIOD_ATR - period of calculation of average volatility ;
  • RATIO - percentage coefficient for the signal;
  • COUNT_CALC_BARS - the number of bars in the pattern;
  • TRADE_BARS the number of bars for the signal;
  • VOLATILITY_SIGNAL - signal within volatility;
  • BID_SIGNAL - signal at the price of Bid;
  • MAX_TRADES_PER_DAY - maximum number of transactions per day for one symbol;
  • FRIDAY_CLOSE_HOUR, FRIDAY_CLOSE_MINUTE - hour and minute of closing orders on Friday;
  • FIXED_LOT, FOR_EVERY_N_BALANCE - fixed lot for each N balance;
  • TRADE_DIRECTION - direction of trade;
  • REVERSE_POSITIONS - position reversal;
  • VIRTUAL - virtual stops;
  • STOPLOSS, TAKEPROFIT - stop loss and take profit;
  • MAGIC_NUMBER, ORDERS_COMMENT - magic number and comment;
  • MAX_SLIPPAGE, MAX_SPREAD - maximum slippage and spread;
  • SHOW_INFO - display trading information;
  • TEXT_COLOR, LANGUAGE - text color and language of information output;

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