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Thor V1

EA Thor V1 Usage Rule

the smallest capital is 3000 cent lot 0.01, pair eurusd, gbpusd, timefame M1, 5 digit broker

the following usage methods:

  1. Don't use the ea 24 hours Non-stop can cause our account margin call
  2. Prepare a capital of 12000 cents for 4 parts in 1 week we must use capital 3000 cents targeted profit of at least 500% if you experience a margin call wait for the next week then ON again accumulated in 1 month even though we have MC 3 times and profit 1 time we still benefit from the method of implementing Money Management on the Robot Martingale system for small capital.
  3. Focus on 7 am to 5 pm so the concept is almost the same when we trade in the Asian session, if you want a bigger profit you can run the ea system when the high impact news takes place, for example news data today on eurusd currency, gbpusd at starting at 6:30 pm -9: 30 pm ideally activate 30 minutes after the first news process (6:30 pm) takes place then OF the performance of the ea at 9:30 PM if before that hour all positions are already TP can immediately deactivated
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