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Risk and Position Manager

This product is a sophisticated trading panel which is designed according to the basic principle of risk management which is the key element of successful trading to help manual traders make better decisions in shorter time.

My name is Ehsan Ameri and you are so welcomed to my product page. 

I strongly suggest you watch both instructional videos.

You can control your risk, check the correlations between symbols, specify good reward to risk ratio, set multiple take profits and choose different types of trialing stops and risk free mode.

	To get a better sense of this panel you can download the demo version in "Risk and Position Manager Demo"
	Moreover, this product perfectly works on tester.
	You can find more description about panel functions in "Risk and Position blog description".
	You can see my profile and contact me if you had any question.

13 reason why you should use this panel instead of using standard order entry in MT4?

Using standard way of setting orders

  1. You don’t know how much risk you are taking for each trade.
  2. You don’t know what the spread and its cost for your trade is.
  3. You don’t know what the pip/point value of the currency is.
  4. You don’t know how much margin is required for the trade.
  5. You don’t know what the reward to risk ratio for each trade is.
  6. You cannot see the SL size and TP size in pips/points.
  7. You cannot set multiple TP targets.
  8. You cannot set Regular or Dynamic trialing stop.
  9. You cannot set Risk Free(Break-even)
  10. You cannot trail take profit.
  11. You are only working with currency prices which increases the risk of arithmetic errors.
  12. You are setting lot size manually which increases the risk of putting wrong values.
  13. You don’t know what the correlation between current symbol and your previous symbols is. Taking trades with correlated symbols increasing risk.

  • This is drastically increasing the possibility of making wrong decision for the Forex traders.

Trade Tab (Idle Mode):

  • Choosing the Risk Percent of the trade based on Free Margin, Balance or Equity.
  • Auto calculation of lot size based on risk amount and stop loss.
  • Choosing Stop Loss in Pips/Points.
  • Choosing up to three different Take Profit in Pips/Points .
  • Choosing Size of Closure in each take profit level as percent of total volume.
  • Auto calculation of Reward to Risk ratio by changing related elements.
  • Showing the Required Margin for each trade.
  • Two mode of trailing stop (Regular, Dynamic).
  • Setting Risk Free (Break-even) for the position.
  • Setting Trailing of Take Profit to make less loss in non-profitable position.
  • Drawing Pending Price, Stop Loss and take profit lines in the chart.
  • Setting Pending Price, Stop Loss and take profit values and related elements by changing the lines in the chart.
  • Taking Active trades or placing pending orders.
Trade Tab (Busy Mode):

  • Showing ticket number of the position which is under the control of the panel in busy mode.
  • Showing current Profit/Loss of the trade in pips and account base currency.
  • Showing current status of trailing stop and multiple take profits.
  • Changing trade parameters by pressing apply button in busy mode.

Correlation Tab

  • Calculation of correlation between symbols.
  • Changing time frame to calculate correlation.
  • Changing number of bars to calculate correlation.
  • Changing symbols to calculate correlation.

Info Tab:

  • Showing amount, number and percent of profit/loss/total trades.
  • Showing average profit/loss trade.
  • Showing largest profit/loss trade.
  • Showing amount, number and percent of long/short position.
  • Showing profit factor.
  • Showing expected payoff.

Other Features:

  • Supporting USD, EUR and GBP as account base currency.
  • Beautiful design with two color them (Blue/Black & White).
  • Good exceptional handling and very interactive and user friendly interface.
  • Two modes of calculation (Pips/Points).
  • Showing Market Time (Asia, Europe, USA or between).
  • Showing Broker and GMT Time.
  • Showing current spread of the instrument and its related fee that your broker is charged you if you take a trade.
  • Hint on good or bad spread value.
  • Showing worth of one Pip/Point of the pair for one lot position.
  • Saving the status of panel when removing from chart and can load with the previous status.

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Zimon Szeto
Zimon Szeto 2020.08.19 09:19   

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Version 1.60 2020.09.02
Show error types related to the brokers.
Version 1.50 2020.08.21
Some minor debugging
Version 1.40 2020.08.20
Some minor debugging.
Version 1.30 2020.08.09
Adding export data to info and correlation tab.
Version 1.20 2020.07.24
Little modification of some functions.
Version 1.10 2020.07.20
Adding Risk Free option apart from other trailing stop option.
Adding Trailing Take Profit option.
Adding two color theme. (Blue/Black&White)