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Pair trading EA Multi

Pair trading EA Multi is trading in a pair trading strategy.

Pair trading is a market-neutral investment strategy based on the use of the phenomenon of correlation of the value of some currency pairs. The basic principle of “Pair Trading” is to identify a pair of currency pairs with a high degree of correlation, one of which has significantly increased or dropped in price relative to the other, after which there is a short sale of the revalued currency pair and the purchase of an underestimated currency pair. Thus, a Beta-neutral portfolio is formed, the profitability of which will depend not on the general direction of market movement, but on the future ratio of the value of one currency pair to another.

Based on this strategy, Pair trading EA Multi was developed.


Working timeframe: M5.

Currency pairs: any with direct correlation.

For example:

EURUSD + GBPUSD, the second currency is USD;

EURJPY + GBPJPY, the second currency is JPY;

GBPAUD + GBPCAD, the first currency of GBP, etc.


  • UseBunch1 - 6 - use or not a bunch;
  • Bunch1Symbol1 - Bunch6Symbol1 - the first currency pair of the bunch;
  • Bunch1Symbol2 - Bunch1Symbol2 - the second currency pair of the bunch;
  • SetFixLotOrPercent - choice, lot or percentage of the deposit;
  • LotsOrPercent - lot or percentage depending on SetFixLotOrPercent;
  • StartPips - the amount of discrepancy of currency pairs for the first entry in points;
  • StepPips - the amount of divergence of currency pairs for additional inputs in points. Additional inputs are limited by the MaxEntry parameter. With every input StepPips grows. For example: the first entry at 500 points, the second 500 + 100, the third 500 + 200, the fourth 500 + 300 points;
  • IndPeriod - indicator period;
  • MaxEntry - the maximum number of inputs per signal;
  • Slippage - slippage;
  • Magic - magic number;
  • TypeFilling - execution method. For some brokers, it is different. If the adviser does not work for you, change the type of execution.

Set files with settings can be downloaded in the "Discussion".

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