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Freedom Official EA

This EA has been tested and optimized for EURUSD on M15 timeframe.

  • It's a grid system but it doesn't blindly open orders.
  • It searches for return signals with a special algorithm.
  • If an order has been open, the second order in the same basket, will be open only if the price has reached a certain level, and another return signal has been detected.
  • After the third order is open in the same basket of orders, a special system with cover orders will be launched to minimize the lost on the account and to avoid the destruction of the account.
  • Only two baskets of orders can be launched at the same time (one buy basket, and one sell basket).
  • There is an option to only take positions on the direction where the swap is lowest.
  • It automatically raises the volume according to the balance account, at different steps (not at each wining orders).
  • The calculation for raising the volume has been made according to an account in dollars, but it automatically makes the calculation according to your account currency at the start of the EA.
  • It has been backtested on 15 years with quality data bought on Tickstory.
  • According to these data, it has reached a performance of 20-40% a year (Can be completely different in the next years)
  • The drawdown displayed on graph, is relative and not absolute, which means that it will be proportionally the same drawdown whatever the size of your account.

Important :

  • The EA hasn't been optimized to be used with another currency and timeframe. You can do it if you want, but this is not adviced.
  • You need to have your currency paired with USD in the market watch. It will still works if you don't do it, but it won't be fully optimized.
  • This EA is not for an account with a small balance.
  • Despite the good results with backtesting, it is a grid system, so it stays a risky investment. Use only money you don't need for living, nobody can know how the market will be tomorrow.

Parameters :

  • You can change the parameters of the grid system but this is not adviced.
  • You can change the "takeOnlyPositiveSwapPosition" parameter to allow only the direction with the minimum swap
  • Normally there is always one direction which doesn't cost anything in swap, but because of the fees of the broker, it's not always true.(more informations about it here : https://forums.babypips.com/t/negative-rollover-swaps/104752/2)
  • So you can set the the maximum of Swap you are ready to loose in the "maxFeesSwapAllowed (only if "takeOnlyPositiveSwapPosition" is set to "true")
  • Some broker doesn't allow to directly set TP et SL at the same time you take position (Generally ECN brokers). So it is done in two times if you set "isBrokerECN" to true. If you don't know, it's better to let it to true.

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