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KISS on Benjamin MT5

Version 20.0 released.

The KISS on Benjamin (KB) is a result of eleven years of trading/programming and research on hundreds of strategies, various indicators of forecasting, Machine Learning/Deep Learning Algorithms, aimed at creating the science of online trading engineering. By mixing several strategies and algorithms in this EA, at changing each tick price, with the highest precision and speed,  whatever a trader needs, the EA gives it a fraction of a second.

Minimum initial Deposit $ 500,  EURUSD/GBPUSD ---> M5 TimeFrame (other pairs will be added)

Leverage 200 or more

Please BackTest from 1/1/2020 ---> Now, Download Set File

and for the first time customizable set files specially will be designed based on your needs for free, Just tell me what you need (Balance Max, Profit Factor Max, Expected Payoff Max, Drawddown Min, Recovery Factor Max, Sharpee Ratio Max)

Advantages and List of Indicators:

-Optimized on MQL5 Clusters, Lowest DrawDown

-Powered by Machine Learning/Deep Learning Algorithms (SVM,LSTM,kNN-TSPI,ARIMA), The KB Learn from past positions to optimize future trades

-Optimized based on Monte Carlo Test and Comparator Test (Check below images/ Confidence Table)

-Implementation of the newest FOREX trading method, Bait and Hunt Strategy

-FIFO Compatible

-Highly Customizable

-Moving Average of Oscillator

-Oscillator of RSI

-Momentum MA Oscillator

-CCI MA Oscillator

-Commodity Channel Index

-ROC MA Oscillator

-Steady Bands (for Optimization Focus on this Indicator)

MT4 Version

Check Comments tab for more and detailed informations.

Gifts for Buyers:

Buy or Rent The KISS on Benjamin and get Trend Magnet and Reversal Magic (it's a secret forex indicator) indicators for free (Contact me).

Try on Strategy Tester...


Let me explain some facts about KB EA, because it's based on Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms, the EA really "Learn" from past positions to improve future trades and therefore the EA will improve constantly and automatically, and if you notice the strategy tester report you can see that the performance improved after some trades.

Market changes every month and we will improve the logic and update the EA every month for supporting BEST results, never ever worry about supporting and losing money.

Version 14 is ready for download and optimized for next six month until 1/1/2021.

And after that feel free to backtest previous years.

This EA designed based on idea of consistent profit in long term (every 3 months).

Best regards

Milad Ahmadpanah


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