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"The Truth" is, the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what you had learned, and 99% of EAs here are doing!

It is designed to survive all market conditions with consistency, no matter the strategy and the losses.

99% of EAs in this marketplace are obsolete or will become obsolete after one year, because they use dumb principles, putting your money at risk.

Multi-billion Hedge funds give returns between 4% - 20% per year to their clients with consistency, this is what we aim for, consistency.

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PS: The price will rise with more strategies added

1. Overview

The Truth is designed around six principles:

  1. Strategies (specific entries / custom exits) 
  2. Market domination (use the maximum pairs with minimal lots)
  3. No baby sitting (leave it running, get off the screen with less stress)
  4. An average of 5 - 25% drawdown (depending on market conditions)

2. No Dumb Fundamentals

- NO PARAMETERS EXCEPT MAGIC NUMBER : The EA knows how to protect your money and how to make you more, when and how.

- NO STOP LOSS :  Stop loss is for people without solid exit strategies.

- NO TAKE PROFIT : The market dictates how much profit you can extract from it, so take the maximum you can each time.

- AUTO LOTS : Lots are decided depending on trade risk.

- A STRATEGY MUST SURVIVE ALL TIMES : Our strategies passed backtests with real tick data and variable spreads for all the duration of the currency pair (currently there is one).

3. Why is this EA in the market?

I need time to perfect the current strategy and add new ones I have on stock. It takes incredible amount of time to have the ratio consistency/profitability/test of time.

By renting this EA, you can start making money and support me to perform it on a full-time basis.

4. What do you have with this version V1.0?

- Tested on EURUSD only

- Timeframe: any, but the current strategy will only work on H1

- Account size: from 200 EUR/USD, but bigger account is better, on small accounts, you may experience consecutive losses that may impact before recovery.

- Tests have been done using random dates for more reliability, and real tick data

5. Current version is 1.0, what will be in the next version V1.1 ?

- Cut losses up to 50% by finding better entries

- Multiply profit factor by 2

- Improve auto-lot management

- Improve exit plans


6. How to backtest with 99.90% modeling quality?


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